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La Paz is a city that has a very special topography, and has a limited space that extends through the various hills and valleys that make it up.
Before "El Alto" and "La Paz" were one city, but today are considered two different cities, however are united and "El Alto" is the entrance to the city and the city where the airport of "La Paz" is also located.
The city of La Paz, found themselves in a great hole and is a city that has different attractions according to the district where they are. Normally tourists arriving to the tourist centre which is the oldest city and is close to the witches market, which is one of the attractions of the city, but if they "go down" or "go up" across the city are othe eighborhood until reach the "Zona Sur" which is the residential area but that becomes the indispensable prerequisite to go to the Valley of the moon.
La Paz is the city for travel in Bolivia, from this city departure to the various tourist regions of Bolivia, is near of the Titicaca Lake, to go to "Copacabana" or "Tiahuanaco", is the starting point of the road of death for Biking to "Coroico in Los Yungas", is the city to connect to Rurrenabaque and reach the "Jungle" or "Madidi Park", La Paz is also the city to connect to Oruro and continue to travel to the great lake of salt "Salar de Uyuni".

La Paz has traditional food restaurants, hotels of 1 to 5 stars, and above all cleaner skies of America.

La Paz, a city that does not like or love the visitor, no midpoints.