La Barca del Salamanca

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13 Moll del Gregal, Barcelona, Spain

La Barca del Salamanca Barcelona Reviews

Chokk Chokk
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La Barca Del Salamanca Oct 24, 2009
Last year I had been to their restaurant in Almirall Cervera, but I knew that they also had a huge place down at the harbour. We were there after 10 minutes in a taxi from the hotel and they managed to find a place for us outside but close to the indoor restaurant.

The first thing we noticed was how large it was; there were at least 500 seats and it was run as a factory. We laughed at it and especially at the waiters running with one or max two plates at the time, and usually empty on their way back to the kitchen; there were processes to be optimized for sure.

There was a shouting going on between the waiters; who to do this and that and we both felt like we landed in a Pedro Almodóvar Caballero or Federico Fellini movie; it was fantastic, just what I love.

Our waiter was a chapter of his own. The poor guy was in over his head that was for sure. It took him a long time to clean and prepare our table and after that he forgot about us for even longer.

We managed to get the attention from him with some help from his colleagues and finally got the menu and we ordered two glasses of cava staright away. After yet a while we managed to stop him again and get our orders away.

He then started to deliver bits and pieces of our order; he first arrived with the white wine and a chilling bucket. Every time he came to the table, he loudly mentioned his next step; glasses! Then he came back with glasses; Starters! Then he came back with starters; open wine! He came back and opened the wine. So it went on until we had almost everything except what we needed to get first; our cava and knives and forks!! He was like something taken out of Faulty Towers with John Cleese!

He kept on behaving like this most of the evening also on the other tables, until it got a bit quieter after midnight. As soon as people were starting to leave he was much more relaxed and really sweet and talkative - he could even smile!!

He was clearly stressed and not the fastest in the world. Babs started to joke with him, and we said that we would be back next year to check up on him; he replied, if I am not fired then! Poor guy!

We had a good meal, but we were both sad to see how much oil they filled on every dish. It was just too much; you could run a car from Barcelona to Madrid on just one dish! The dishes would have been so much nicer if they had held back on the oil pumps. There have to be some oil money behind this restaurant:)

I was quite full after, well even the starter but for sure after the main dish but when I saw that they had a cava sorbet, I went for that one. Good I did; it was delicious, it was served as a drink even with a straw! Next time I could have more than one.
Huge starters; Chipirones Fritos …
Main dish; Rape Plancha @ 19,00€
The promenade
From our seat
Chokk says:
We had fun - ha ha
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
sarahsan says:
What an experience!
Posted on: Nov 05, 2009
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Hregina Hregina
6 reviews
Apr 10, 2006
In Barcelona It's easy to find a cheap and good meal. Up town many restaurants have a three course lunch menu for less than 10 Euros. This does often include drinks and coffe. The quality howewer varies from place to place, but on both of my trips to Barcelona I have been real lucky.

This day we wanted to treat ourselves with some seafood, so we had a nice stroll in the sun from the city centre down to the Port Olimpic. The beach is beautiful, and it's easy to forget that you are actually in a large noisy city.

Finding a good restaurant here is easy and hard at the same time. The fish restaurants in this aerea are packed together, and are basically like sheds in a row sharing one wall. It's a busy place, and everytime we stopped to have a look at a menu or to admire the fresh fish on display outside the restaurants we where allmost draged in by the waiters.

This made it quite difficult to choose a place, but we ended up on La Barca beccause they had resonable sized wine glasses, and waiters in white shirts and bow ties. This is allways a sign of quality:-)

We enjoyed a nice glass of crisp sparkling Cava while desiding what to eat, nibbeling on the olives and a Foccatia type of bread, with garlic and tomatoes that was brought to the table. Our waiter was very helpful and efficient. He reccomended the grilled fish or shellfish plates. We decided on one of each, and a bottle of dry Cava to go with it.

The food was just excellent. Pefectly prepared, simple and tasty. The portions where enormously large. I hate to leave good food on my plate, but this time I was unable to finish.

Unfortunately we didn't have any room left for dessert, so we just had coffe. along with the coffe our waiter placed a plate of almond cookies, and two bottles of liqour on the table. It was obviously self service, so we had a couple of glasses each. It was mabe not the highest quality liqour but hey, we love free stuff!

I don't remember exactly what we paid for this meal, but it was quite cheap considering the amount, and quality of the food. A great place to have lunch or dinner:-)
Yummy seafood
Nice surroundings
martinikitty13 says:
Looks delicious!
Posted on: Sep 11, 2007

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