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Kurihama Overview

Kurihama, a coastal city, is located just in the southern vicinity of Yokosuka City in the Kanagawa Prefecture. It is an hours train ride from Yokohama station using the JR Yokosuka line. It also can be reached through the Yoko-Yoko highway.

It is a quiet city and famous for the landing point of United States Commodore Matthew Perry's, whom of which opened up Japan to the United States through "Gun-boat" Diplomacy in 1853. Through these negotiations, Japan initiated diplomatic relations after hundreds of years of isolation from foreign influence.

Major attractions of Kurihama include Perry Park and the Kurihama Flower Garden. Interesting to note that Perry Park was once featured as a landing point (pit stop) in the Amazing Race. For all lovers of Asian History, Kurihama Japan is a recommendable outpost that is enshrouded in normalcy. This city is also an embarkation point for many ferries that transit to neighboring cities of Tokyo.

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