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Kuehlungsborn Overview

Around the turn from the 18th to the 19th century, doctors discovered how healthy a holiday at the sea is for both body and soul. The oldest seaside resort in Germany, Heiligendamm, was founded a few kms east of Kühlungsborn. Other villages by the sea wanted to participate in the boom but transporting visitors on horse-drawn carriages was a nuisance. Only after the railway line from Bad Doberan to Heiligendamm was extended further west, the villages on the coast became busy seaside resorts.

Kühlungsborn actually consists of three old villages: Brunshaupten and Arendsee on the coast and Fulgen further inland. In 1938 they were united and named Kühlungsborn. Brunshaupten became Kühlungsborn-Ost, Arendsee became Kühlungsborn-West. The new town got its name after the Kühlung, a nearby chain of hills a chain of hills located a few kms inland.

Kühlungsborn still has two centres. They are connected by a long beach promenade and a street along which many hotels and guesthouses established. Many of them sport the so-called „Bäderarchitektur“ which is so typical for the seaside resorts on the coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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