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Oahu, Hawaii
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Kualoa Ranch Oahu Reviews

aelder2259 aelder22…
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Too Expensive for Little Entertainment Mar 31, 2015
I was bored for most of my tours (the ocean, the valley and the mountain). While history was given, it would have been much more interesting if a naturalist would have been along to identify the plans and birds seen on the ranch. I had to really pry to get information about these things from the tour guides and most of the time, I knew more than they did! They could vastly improve the tours if they hired naturalists (or even volunteers).

The included lunch buffet was the saving grace. It included a salad, kimchee, free pineapple, barbecue pork, teriyaki chicken, chili, rice, and pineapple cake for dessert.
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Jen1107 Jen1107
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Ride a Horse/ATV, Pretend You're in a Movie, Even Get Married! Aug 29, 2012
This review will be biased because Kualoa is my favorite place in the world. I have been here 4 times since 2003 and even had my wedding here! :)

If you want to see a beautiful area of Oahu that is featured in tons of movies/tv shows, you've come to the right place. Kualoa Ranch can be seen in Jurassic Park, Pearl Harbor, Godzilla, Tears of the Sun, 50 First Dates, Hawaii Five-O, Lost, and many others. There is a little bit of something for everyone, with views in a breathtaking valley, an ancient fishpond, and a private island. It is also a working cattle ranch, so if you take the ATV tour, you may even be able to see cows.

There are LOTS of activities to participate in such as ATVing, Horseback riding, snorkeling, touring the movie sites, etc. If you're staying in Waikiki, they will come pick you up near your hotel.

You can book each activity individually or sign up for a half day or a full day tour. I highly recommend either the half day or the full day. Half day allows you to choose either ATVing (1 hour) or horseback riding and then 1 other activity. Full day allows you to do both ATVing (1 hour) and horseback riding plus 2 other activities OR 2 hours of ATVing plus 2 other activities.

ATVing: This is why me and my husband continue to come back to the ranch. This is SO much fun. If you've never ridden an ATV, don't worry, you'll be fine. They put you on a little test course first so you can learn to handle it properly. The ATVs can't go above 20 mph so you won't be going fast. I'm always nervous at first, but end up having a blast! The 1 hour tour is good, but the 2 hour tour is much better. If you are brand new and very nervous, the 1 hour course is easier. This is a great way to see the beauty of the ranch.

Horseback riding: This is also a great activity. I haven't done it in a few years so I don't want to say too much in case it has changed.

Secret Island Snorkeling Tour: I haven't snorkeled here, but this is where I held my wedding and let me tell you, the island is BEAUTIFUL!

Movie Sites Tour: If you book a half day or full day trip, this is a good activity to select. You take a bus around the ranch and you're allowed to get out and see some of the sites and take pictures. It's really pretty.

Jungle Expedition Tour: This is the only activity so far that I haven't enjoyed. We basically went up to the top of a hill to see the pretty view and came back down. I'd choose a different activity.

Getting Married: Hey, if you like to travel and are getting married, why not have a destination wedding? Guests are still commenting on how beautiful our location was! :)
View on the Jungle Expedition Tour…
View on the Jungle Expedition Tour…
View on the ATV Tour, Kualoa Ranch…
The only pictures I have from Secr…
sassylassie22 sassylas…
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Mar 14, 2007
Kualoa Ranch offers full and half day tours. You can choose from a horseback tour, ATV tour, ocean voyage, fishing & garden tour, Paliku hiking tour, jungle expedition, movie sites & ranch tour, or go to their secret island. If you choose the full day tour you also get lunch as well.

We did a full day tour mainly because I wanted to do the ATVs, the movie sites & ranch tour, and go to the "secret island" (which counts as 2 activities). When we got there we were informed that the secret island activity was cancelled that day because LOST was filming there. We had already purchased our full day ticket so we ended up doing the ATV tour, jungle expedition, Paliku hiking tour, and the movie & ranch tour.

When you first get there you make your schedule. Each activity is in a certain time block and you rotate through your activities.

Paliku Hiking Tour - We hiked up a hill to a look out of the ocean and Chinaman's Hat. The hike wasn't very long or strenuous and the view was awesome.

ATVs - I had never been on an ATV before so I was a little nervous when I first started. We watched a safety video and then put on our helmets (goggles were optional) and headed out. The guides were really nice. They made all of us do a circle around the area to make sure we could handle the ATV and when we were all comfortable with the ATVs we were off. We drove over dirt roads, up and down hills, and across grass plains. It was a lot of fun. The scenery was really beautiful. On the way back it started pouring rain though. I had passed on the goggles and had water and mascara all in my eyes. That made driving back interesting.

Jungle Expedition - The jeep took us through heavily treed areas and it was neat to see, but it was very bumpy. It was still raining and we were getting wet through the whole thing. We did get to see a wild boar on the tour though.

Movie Sites & Ranch Tour - We boarded a bus that drove us all over the ranch showing us film sites of different movies. We could get out and take pictures at each of the sites. I thought it was really neat.
View on the Paliku hike
View during the ATV ride
Movie sites tour - Jurassic Park
bkretzer says:
I'm sorry we missed this when we went to Oahu. When you go back to Hawaii (doesn't everyone want to go back?) are you planning to do a different island, or stick with Oahu?
Posted on: Mar 01, 2008

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