Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur, KL Tower)

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur Tower (Menara Kuala Lumpur, KL Tower) Reviews

WalterC WalterC
391 reviews
Definitely visit the open deck Nov 21, 2014
Sometimes called Menara Tower, or Menara KL, but more commonly known as the KL Tower (which I will call it in this review), this is definitely a must-see for any visitor to Kuala Lumpur, giving you nice views of the city.

Built and opened in 1995, the tower is mainly used to transmit TV and radio signals throughout the city. While not the tallest in the city, it does give a better view and experience than the Petronas Towers (from what I hear). And you get to see the Petronas Towers, though the KL Tower itself is not eyesore either. But that is another story.

Depending on which train you take, you would have to get off either at Dangi Wang on the MRT, or Bukit Nanas on the Monorail. The Monorail stop is closer to the tower than the MRT one.

There is a free shuttle bus that takes you to the ticket desk and entrance to the building. Believe me, you will want to take it, since the walk up along the driveway, is pretty long. Especially if you have not gotten used to the hot weather in Southeast Asia.

There are 2 admission options, with one of them including a trip to the observation and open decks, and the other being the observation deck only. The open deck is the highest floor of the tower, and is open air, with no obstructions in the way. But also, there are no barriers that could prevent a fall off the building. Maybe that would explain the waiver that I had to sign back at the admission desk before entering. And you may get the case of the vertigo.

The observation deck is completely indoors. While air-conditioned, the view can be obstructed, depending on where you stand. And there are noisy vendor stalls there as well, and more crowded than the open deck.

There are other extras, like a theater experience, but I don’t think they are worth the money. And there the Malaysian Cultural Village, but it did not seem to be much.

A trip to the open deck is very much recommended, and really, makes the visit to KL Tower very much worth it.
shuttle bus
view from open deck
view from open deck
view from open deck
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FoxyFauz says:
Yes its a very long walk up to the building's entrace! Lucky i went by taxi but even then it was difficult cos it was raining and roads are flooded!
Posted on: Feb 04, 2015
Vikram says:
Yeah all those things like Cultural village, etc. are obvious tourist traps. I used to fall hook, line and sinker for them in the past but I've wisened up!
Posted on: Feb 02, 2015
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holdmyhandsforever holdmyha…
62 reviews
Kuala Lumpur's Breathtaking Views. Oct 22, 2014
The Menara Tower is considered the 4th tallest communication tower in the world and is the tallest building I have ever been. Until now, I'm still on cloud nine thinking the beautiful and breathtaking Kuala Lumpur views.

Most people refer Menara Tower as the Kuala Lumpur Tower or Menara KL. The observation deck is as high as 276 meters and it takes just 58 seconds to reach the top. How cool is that, right?

Tourist enjoys every angle of the city: from Petronas Towers to Mosque and Main Square to all other buildings and neighborhood. By the way, before heading to the observation deck, you can enjoy the Forest in the City or KL Tower Animal Zone. And that's for free.

Restaurants and pricey souvenir shops are all over the place. Rest rooms should always be sanitized as most visitors are children.

Overall, I enjoyed being on top -- enjoying the breathtaking views of Kuala Lumpur!
Selfie! :)
montecarlostar montecar…
326 reviews
Exciting views of Kuala Lumpur! Nov 10, 2012
Menara KL was one of the best things I did when I was in Kuala Lumpur. It was located right in front of my hotel, so definitively I couldn't miss it.

You walk to a small station in front of the tower and a free shuttle will take you up. The ticket was not that expensive, you can buy a package just to go up the tower or one to visit the small zoo nearby.

The views from the tower are breathtaking. You will enjoy every angle, admiring the wonders of KL, including the Petronas towers, the Mosque and Main Square, and all other buildings and neighborhoods.

You can buy reasonably priced souvenirs too. I took some of the best pics of my trip from this place.
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montecarlostar says:
Not really! Hehe :D
Posted on: Apr 24, 2014
elda_islost says:
do you have any idea about the jump from menara kl tower? thanks
Posted on: Apr 21, 2014
vagabondph vagabond…
2 reviews
great way to see the city Jun 21, 2012
between the KL tower and the Petronas Towers, The KL tower is the lesser known one. However, it doesn't mean that its any less interesting, there are a lot of activities around the tower and above it there is also a revolving restaurant which gives you a spectacular 360 degree view of the city (depending on how long you stay) i suggest going late in the afternoon and going for high tea. its about 58 MYR (including the access to the observation deck)
drmcflurry drmcflur…
37 reviews
A Long Walk to Disappointment Nov 24, 2012
Me and a few friends decided to visit this tower after seeing it from a distance in KLCC. We decided to walk which was a bad idea. By the time we got there we were starving and thought we would try out the restaurant at the top. We later found out it was fully booked so we just decided to go up the viewing deck. At the gated entrance there is a shuttle that can take you up to the bottom of the tower but we didn't know if it was still running since we were the only ones there and it was late in the afternoon so we just decided to hike up to the tower itself. When you get there you need a ticket to get up the tower. I'm not sure how it is now but when we were there they had two options for the ticket: cultural or jungle adventure. We chose the jungle adventure which meant the small zoo of caged up exotic reptiles and birds they had going on at the bottom of the tower which in our opinion was better than the whole trip up the tower (not that we agreed to how these animals were treated but we wanted to stretch the worth of the money we paid for the ticket). The experience up at the viewing deck of the tower was generally boring. If you wanted to you could finish the whole trip in 5 minutes. Other than seeing the Petronas towers and the whole KL there was nothing much to do there. We ended up looking for something 'interesting' in the swimming pools and rooms in the nearby buildings (yes it was childish but it was really boring and wanted to make the most out of the whole trip). After a few photo shots and avoiding the vendors of mini-petronas tower souvenir shops that surrounded the whole tourist-filled deck we headed back down. I could see it in my friend's faces as we were on the elevator. We were all thinking the same thing... 'That was a waste of time'.
Just hanging around.
View from the tower
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g_wedders g_wedders
9 reviews
tourist trap, but a good one Jan 18, 2011
You pay quite a bit of money to be taken up in the lift to the observation deck 276 metres high, you're told by the lift driver(because you obviously can't be trusted to push the right button yourself) that it takes just 58 seconds to reach the top. You then walk out onto the observation deck for the spectacular 360 degree views of KL. Quite a bit higher than the skybridge on the Petronas towers so I'm told. As long as you can ignore the pricey boutique style shops everywhere this is absolutely worthwhile. A pleasant stop off on your visit to KL.

p.s. It wasn't busy at all when I was there and this improved it's rating by quite a bit for me :)
Kurisu Kurisu
73 reviews
Gorgeous 360° view of Kuala Lumpur Dec 14, 2010
As a genuine skyscraper junkie I wanted to go up Petronas Twin Towers when I was in KL.

Turned out that you need to be there at 7am to score one of the limited tickets to the observation deck.

I think they just issue 1000 tickets a day on a first come first serve basis.

So I decided to go up KL tower instead.

In retrospect a really wise decision! From up here, you get a perfect 360° view of KL, including the Petronas Towers!

I think the view from Petronas Towers isn't anything close to the view from KL tower.

There was no getting up at 7am, no waiting time, no queue, just got there, bought ticket for 38MYR and went up! It's that easy... :-)

I could take a view really nice shots from up there.

Highly recommended! :-)
View from KL tower
View from KL tower
KL tower
Ticket for Menara Kuala Lumpur
alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Panoramic view from Menara Tower" Nov 23, 2010
It was the highest building i have ever been. It is located center of the city. It has tall antenna top of the tower. I heard that it is used for communication. It has 4 elevator and its possible to go up in 10 seconds. It has wonderful panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur city. Petronas Towers are located just opposite of Menara. Its hard to take nice photos at the night time. There is a souvenir and some other shops. Tourist floor is not at the top. There is a restaurant which is only accept with a booking. Highly recommended place to visit.
Menara(Kuala Lumpur) Tower - Kuala…
Menara(Kuala Lumpur) Tower - Kuala…
Menara(Kuala Lumpur) Tower - Kuala…
Menara(Kuala Lumpur) Tower - Kuala…
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
Go up to the fifth tallest freestanding tower in the world! Sep 01, 2009
The tower was opened in 1996 and is 421 m hight.

The observation platform is located at 276 m. From there, the view on the city of Kuala Lumpur and around is really impressive. It was not at all crowded when I got there, it was really possible to enjoy some spots and details you could be interested in. All around, there are free binoculars to enjoy it even more. I found it funny to see from above buildings I visited during the day.

The ticket was around 35RM if I remember right.

You can only purchase a ticket combined with some other attractions around. If you do not have a lot of time in Kuala Lumpur, you really can skip them, there was nothing really interesting about it (some animals in small boxes and a F1 simulator).

I did not try at all the tour to the jungle as it was not the right time when I was there.
travhormones travhorm…
15 reviews
Up-there view of KL city Aug 09, 2009
Our RM38 ticket took us all the way up the tower. There were shops selling little souvenirs, and one shopwoman who was worried we would steal so she kept following us around. I really don't think I look dishonest!! And then when we looked at some metallic souvenirs, she went, "these are made of PEEWWW-TTTER" which amused me no-end.

Ok on to the scene. It's one of those touristy things to do in KL, see the whole KL, and pose by the Twin Towers. I think at 7pm the lights on the Twin Towers were not lit yet...so if you like night photos maybe it's better to go after 7.30pm.

Don't forget that from the bottom of the tower, there is a shuttle bus going up. So, save your legs!

The ticket also includes a visit to the little zoo, a pony ride ("but only if you're under 50kg") and an F1 simulator game.
Berjaya Times Square
I can see Citin Hotel!
Petronas Towers
The tower as we left
tashgorgeous tashgorg…
30 reviews
360 degree view of KL Aug 18, 2008
The Menara KL tower is the 4th tallest communication tower in the world to date, making it one of the highlights to a visit to Kuala Lumpur.

It is located within the city and is about a 10-minute taxi ride from the Petronas.

The tower has several activities to offer. There are souvenir and food shops at the lobby and you will be charged a small amount to be able to go about 400m up.

Up in the observation deck, there are available voice tours (also available in several languages) that explains facts about the tower. There's also complimentary use of high-magnifying binoculars.

There is also a revolving restaurant that we wanted to go to but failed to visit ;( It is recommended to make reservations for it.
The Petronas (view from the Menara)
Inside Menara Tower observations d…
wanderlass wanderla…
13 reviews
Mar 19, 2007
One of the highest concrete & communication towers in the world situated in the middle of Kuala Lumpur. It's one of the main attraction of the city because of its fine architecture and engineering. It also has a view deck with an amazing view of the city in 360(deg)! It's definitely a must see if you visit Kuala Lumpur. It was awesome when I went in the early afternoon, but I wish I had the chance to go back at sunset because they say it's breathtaking and very romantic. The ticket to go up the view deck is fairly cheap. Atop the tower also has a revolving restaurant with exorbitant pricing (based on the menu only), but I heard the food is quite ordinary for the price.
Menara Tower stitched using 3 phot…
Cityscape from the Menara View Deck
For Amanda :D
wanderlass says:
Hi Amanda. I u/l the crystal for you! :D I didn't eat at the revolving restaurant cuz I saw the price and I didn't think any food is that good. I mean it would be different if one's in Europe and everything is expensive, but everything else in Malaysia is cheap. :D But I'm glad that you get to enjoy the view while you were there eating and taking in the view! :D
Posted on: Mar 21, 2007
Amanda says:
Yes, I LOVED going up here - I especially loved that you could see all the way to Batu Caves. Did you eat at the revolving restaurant? I had mixed feelings about that. I really enjoyed the time it gave me to sit, and really take in the view of the city; but the food was not worth the money. No matter what, people should go up to look at the view, as you have said here my friend! Also, the elevator is so fancy! Remember the crystal? So funny...
Posted on: Mar 19, 2007

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