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Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Sate / Satay
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Nasi Lemak
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Teh tarik preparation
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Roti Canai
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Nasi Lemak
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Asam Pedas Seafood
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Food - Butter Prawn!

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nimic nimic
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An In-depth look into Malaysia's Famous Delicacies Jun 15, 2011
One of the Thing I'm proud of Malaysia is not just all those Huge Skyscrapers or the state of the art shopping malls, but THE MALAYSIAN FOOD!

Yeah, I'm talking about all the delicious food you can get even at Mamak Store (So you don't have to fork lots of money here) With RM3 (USD 1) , you can get 2 pieces of Roti Canai and Teh Tarik.

I'm gonna share with you guys just SOME of the famous Malaysian Food, Those food that My Friends & I have mastered to cook here in Russia.

So Here We Go,

No.1 : Nasi Lemak

This is a famous Malaysian national dish, a rice soaked in coconut cream, then steamed served with dried anchovies, roasted peanuts, boiled egg and hot spicy sauce (sambal). You can get Nasi Lemak at any Malay & Mamak Store in Malaysia. Those Visiting MidValley Megamall can try the most delicious "Nasi Lemak" i've ever tasted at Madam Kwan's , but it's kinda procy (RM12). Normal Price At a Mamak Store (Range From RM.2.50 till RM 5.50)

No.2 Asam Pedas Seafood

Can't say that this is a very famous Malaysian Cuisine among tourists, but it's a HIT among locals. It's actually Seafood cooked in tamarind juice (asam) and many other spices, One of my favourites are the Asam Pedas Fish. Gonna try one next month when i get back!

No.3 : Butter Prawn

I'm proud to say that I was the first one to master how to cook this . So those of you want to try it out yourself at home, Just PM me, I'll give you the recipe, lol xD Well, this is actually prawns fried and then cooked with butter, garlic and so on . Delicious, but HIGH in Cholesterol!

Other Malaysian Foods worth to be mentioned are

- Satay

- Nasi Briyani

- Thosai

- Chapati

- Prawn Mee (Mee Udang)

and Many More. Yeah, Malaysia is Truly Asia! Nyam Nyam xD

P.S : These Photos below are all HomeMade Food! Yeah, We cooked them ourselves! You can Never Get it Anywhere Else! xD

To see more photos, please visit my friend's blog (the link is placed on one of the photos).
Asam Pedas Seafood
Butter Prawn!
Prawn Mee / Mee Udang
Nasi Lemak
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nimic says:
Haha, sure Jen! :-D
Posted on: Jun 16, 2011
trippin_jen says:
Looks very tempting indeed! Next time we have to try your cooking! :)
Posted on: Jun 15, 2011
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piggy091385 piggy091…
3 reviews
The food that you must try Mar 22, 2011
since the website advised me to write (my mind will went blank and blank if they want me to write on reviews more and more when i hardly travel yet :D) but i have to, to continue message travbuddies at here.

okay then, please check the food at kl:-

ErnaButterfly ErnaButt…
7 reviews
Malaysian Food Oct 28, 2007
Malaysian Food

The best places to have Malaysian food are by street hawkers, night markets or at food courts in most shopping malls.

To try Malaysian delicacies :

1. Nasi Lemak

Typically for breakfast, also served throughout the day, consists of rice cooked in coconut milk makes it creamy and served with hot spicy chilli mixture (sambal). Usually served in a platter with hard boiled egg, fried anchovies, roasted peanuts and cucumber slices.

Nasi lemak can also be accompanied with fried egg / chicken, curry or rendang chicken / beef, sambal cuttlefish / cockle, among others..

2. Roti Canai

Delicious flatbread, dough which is kneaded thoroughly, flattened, oiled and folded repeatedly before cooking on flat iron skillet.

It is soft and fluffy on the inside but crispy and flaky on the outside. Usually served with dhall (chick peas) curry or chicken / fish curry.

Varieties of roti canai includes with egg, marjerine, banana, sardines, murtabak - roti canai with meat stuffings..

3. Sate

marinated (sweet, spicy) chunks of meat on bamboo skewers, grilled over charcoal fire and served with peanut sauce. Also accompanied by cucumber and onion slices and ketupat (rice cooked in woven palm leaf pouches)

4. Laksa

Spicy noodle soup, usually refers to two types :

- Curry laksa, noodles served in creamy coconut curry soup

- Assam laksa, noodles served in sour fish soup

There are also other varieties of laksa depending on the state where it is from.

5. Char (fried) Kuey teow (flat noodles)

Delicious flat noodle fried with light and dark soy sauce, chilli, prawns, cockle, egg and bean sprout and chinese chives.

6. Teh tarik (pulled-tea)

Tea with condensed milk prepared in a special way, the tea is poured from a hand held high into a container held in a hand below. The tea is poured back and forth in this manner to create a thick froth.

7. Rojak

Two types of rojak

- Rojak 'mamak' - consists of fried dough / prawn fritters, bean curds, boiled potato, hard boiled eggs, bean sprout and cucumber mixed with peanut sauce.

- Fruit rojak - fruits served with paste made up with water, shrimp paste, sugar, chilli and lime juice.

8. Kuih - sweet or savoury Malaysian pastries

Being multi-cultural gives lots of flavours to Malaysian food, there are lots other cuisine be it Malay, Chinese or Indian food.

Malay food is best to have during lunch, called nasi campur (mixed rice) rice with an array dishes to choose from.

There are also other varieties of Malay cuisine from each different state in Malaysia.

Chinese food, typically chicken rice, noodles, and also rice with dishes.

Indian food, banana leaf rice - rice served on banana leaf with varities of dishes and curries.

There is also "mamak" restaurants, refers to Indian-Muslim restaurants where usually have roti canai and "teh tarik", among others..

The popular thing now is the "kopitiam" (coffee place) where usually have local brewed coffee and toast with butter and "kaya" (sweet, creamy coconut jam), among others..
Nasi Lemak
Roti Canai
Sate / Satay
Teh tarik preparation
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trippin_jen says:
Very informative!
Posted on: Jun 15, 2011
ErnaButterfly says:
Bernard - nice!!

Thanks mkrh!! come and try it sometime soon!!
Posted on: Apr 09, 2010
mkrh says:
Love this...as someone with the surname Hawker I love to hear about this type of food...thanks and well done

Posted on: Apr 09, 2010

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