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2 Kronborg, Helsingor, Denmark
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Kronborg Castle Helsingor Reviews

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WHS Denmark: Kronborg Castle Mar 17, 2017
Kronborg Castle in Helsingor makes for an interesting day trip destination from Copenhagen. I took the train to Helsingor and walked to the castle via the harbour and the eyecatching 'Han' statue. It's only a short 10 to 15 minute stroll to the castle entrance from the train station.

The castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known as Hamlet's Castle as it was the setting of Elsinore in his famous play. As such, several performances of Hamlet have taken place in the historic castle grounds. I enjoyed exploring the castle. There are many old tapestries to view as you tour the castle. My favourite part of the visit was exploring the dark castle casemates where you encounter a huge statue of the Danish hero, Holger Danske. I found it necessary to use the light on my phone to navigate around in the dark as the floors are uneven and I didn't fancy a broken ankle!

I didn't eat at the small restaurant here as there are cheaper places in the centre of Helsingor. Guided tours of the castle are available but not necessary. The castle is easy to explore independently.

The castle is open to the public daily from 10am-5.30pm between June and September. At other times of the year, check the website as restricted hours apply. Entry is 90 DKK per adult, children get in for free as do holders of the Copenhagen Card.
Kronborg Castle
Hamlet's Castle
Ornate doorway with stone features
Tapestry at Kronborg
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Vikram Vikram
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The castle on which Hamlet was based - and I saw it live! Jul 13, 2016
So at face value, one could say this is just another castle. But lovers of the Bard will better know this as Elsinore, the castle of Hamlet. I was fortunate to visit during summer where it gets the Shakespearean fever - there are plays more or less all night for a few weeks. AND, the cast of Hamlet re-enact the various scenes at the rooms in which they happened, with the audience following the cast through the various rooms. There are about 3-4 enactments every day during the summer. What was surprising to me was seeing world class stars who've participated in this Hamlet, such as Jude Law! There's a room in the Castle that has pictures of all the various top stars from the past. If you get there right before the first enactment starts, the cast is very kind and pose for selfies and such.

Other than that, the Castle by itself is quite large, has a huge moat and barracks surrounding it, and offers great view of both the town and the sea. The rooms, like other Danish royal ones is minimalistically ornate, but I did like the King's Room that's contains tapestries of the previous Kings in this Castle. I also liked the Casemates - really felt dark and authentic and at the same time, somewhat well signposted. Not for the old or faint hearted though. There's a huge statue of this Viking like dude, forgot his name though.

Overall, a very enjoyable experience. If you're here during the Hamlet reenactments, allow yourself at least 2 hours!
As I visited during the Hamlet, we…
The poster
Me and my badge
Selfie with Ophelia
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missandrea81 says:
I love this! I think if I ever make it to Denmark this will be on the top of my list.
Posted on: Aug 29, 2016
WalterC WalterC
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Definitely worth for the Casements and Royal Apartments Apr 25, 2015
Located in the town of Helsingor, Kronborg Castle is a short walk from the train station, and makes a nice day trip from Copenhagen. When entering the castle grounds, you will have to go through 2 gates, to get to the castle courtyard. From there, you can go to different parts of the castle.

You enter into a gift shop, which is where the entrances to both the Royal Apartments and Casements are located. And both of these are enough reason to check out the inside of the castle.

The Royal Apartments is a series of rooms, with period furniture and paintings on the wall or ceiling. Some of the rooms include the King’s Chamber, Queen’s Chamber, the Little Hall (the one with the tapestries), and the Ballroom. All are nice to look at. And all have English descriptions, making it more worthwhile.

The Casements are the underground part of the castle. With a vending machine for flashlights, that should tell you what kind of attraction this part is. There are 2 levels, with the upper one being the home of Holger the Dane, of Danish legends.

Then comes the lower level, which is an adventure in itself. It was where the soldiers stayed, getting ready in case the castle was attacked. Going through there, can be dangerous, as it is very dark, and only lit by small electric candles through the place. There are arrows pointing the way, but they can be hard to see. So you may need that flashlight, or use your mobile phone to find your way around. But really worth it, and fun!

There is also a Chapel, which is small and nothing really special. Plus you can go to the top of the tower, but I did not get to do that.

Also, walking around the castle is worth doing as well, as you get a good view of the castle itself, and the sea. Walking around the castle grounds is free, but you have to pay admission to enter into the castle itself.

Still, I think walking through the Casements and the Royal Apartments are enough reason to check out this place, and maybe even the tower, if you have a Copenhagen Card.
model of the castle
Dark Gate Ravelin
Four Gates Forecourt
fireplace in King's Chamber
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Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
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Kronborg Castle Jul 25, 2013
About a 45 minute direct train journey from Copenhagen Central to Helsingor,on a 20-30 minute frequency, and coming out of the station you basically can't miss it :D

A UNESCO World Heritage site, the castle grows more impressive as it all comes into view as you approach. You enter across the bridge to the outer gate, where you will find an information office, toilet, shop and cafe. To enter the castle you cross another bridge, up to the left,across the inner moat. Cost 75DK ( about £10) to get in, which I thought wasn't bad.

We went through to the inner court yard to start, and into the chapel, which to be honest was pretty ordinary. Then there was the tower to climb, which gave a good view across the sound and back over the town.

There was a castle on the site from the early 1400's, with the present one built in the 1600's after a fire. The castle gave strategic control of shipping entering and leaving the Baltic, and for over 400 years Denmark filled it's coffers by demanding a fee to allow ships safe passage.

We then headed down into the Casemates, where soldiers would have been billeted, and after descending you come to the statue of Helgar The Dane. Moving on from that it becomes pitch dark,and the torch function on a mobile phone is consumed by the darkness. A few folk, either pre warned or visited before had brought proper torches and we tagged along behind them til it got light again.

To start the tour of the castle properly you go in via the shop and come to a room with video presentation and interactive screens giving a history of the castle.

You then start doing the tour of the rooms, with first the King's Chamber, then the Queen's Chamber and then The Queen's Gallery. Takes you along to what I thought the most impressive room, though almost bare, the ballroom, and then into the Tapestry Gallery.

Learnt bit of my own countries history when we reached the Scottish Suite with James VI of Scotland, soon to be James I of England as well on the Union Of The Crowns in 1603, having married the King Of Denmark's daughter at the castle honeymooned here. They must have liked the taste of wedding cake as they went through the ceremony three times, the others in Oslo and Copenhagen.

There is then a little bit on the real story behind Hamlet, which had drawn me to visit in the first place, and William Shakespeare stole and adapted, but meaning Elsinore(Helsingor) castle would be known outside of Denmark for centuries to come.

Having seen enough, and been walking for ages, we left and stopped off at a small cafe at the library as you come back down to the main road, which was very reasonably priced, and where there are lockers if you go to Kronborg with backpacks. Then had enough time to wander round Helsingor before heading back for the train to Copenhagen.
Kronborg Castle
Model Of Castle At Entrance
Outer Gate Of Kronborg
Kronborg Outer Buildings
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Chokk says:
Nice one
Posted on: Aug 24, 2014
JasonGSD JasonGSD
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10 days in Denmark and this is my favorite site May 19, 2011
Wreaks of history!! I first recommend walking around the castle as it gives you a real sense of the location. Upon entering the casemates (underground section) of the castle you are instantly brought right back to the time in which the castle was used. The tunnels are well preserved, the rooms are identifiable, and the humidity is still prevalent. I was lucky enough to be right on time for the tour which I (who hates tours) truly enjoyed. Our free tour guide spoke great English and was extremely knowledgeable. The chapel was nice but nothing extraordinary. The apartments were incredible, huge rooms with magnificent art and tapestries. Hope you enjoy!!
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kogle25 kogle25
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Hamlet's Castle Apr 25, 2011
Kronborg castle is a huge castle - a mix of treasured culture and military defense. You can get a tour of the castle itself and also the casemates, which are underground tunnels in which you'll find Holger the Dane who is said to come to the rescue of Denmark if we need him. It is supposedly the castle in Shakespeare's Hamlet and is a renaissance / baroque style which can be seen in the rooms. You can see all the way to Sweden on a good day and it is also possible to fish close by if that's what you fancy. If you've got an extra day in Denmark and you want to go outside Copenhagen it's a great place to experience in its grandness and royal Danish culture.
liekevo liekevo
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Kronborg Castle Jul 25, 2006
After having seen Kronborg castle already a few times from the boat to Helsingborg (or back to Helsingor) it was finally time to visit the castle :)

Kronborg castle is an Unesco World Heritage Site, it also is the castle in Shakespeare's Hamlet. Because of this they usually perform this play there every year.

It is a nice castle to see and I started the day by just walking around the castle and also see the surrounding buildings. Also very nice are the underground tunnels, I had some trouble finding my way since I used my mobile as a flash light :) So if you intend to visit the underground tunnels it is best to bring a flash light.
Entrance to the castle

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