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Krokavango Reviews

Chelsea Chelsea
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Krokavango (crocodile farm) Dec 17, 2006
Krokavango is a crocodile farm near Shakawe. It sells crocodile meat and skins. It was interesting to compare it to the crocodile farm I’d visited in Zambia.

To me, the crocodiles didn’t look as well-cared for compared to the captive crocodiles in Zambia. But, I’m not a crocodile husbandry expert, so I could be wrong. It did seem like all the money was spent on board walks and signs, though.

The crocodiles were fed chickens that had been rotten for some time (one of the other volunteers said she could smell rotten chickens for at least three days after watching the crocodile feeding)! One of the researchers said the crocodiles would have probably preferred fresh meat. As far as tourist attractions go, though; if you don't stop by any other crocodile farm, this one is worth a look.

Something I find interesting is that the researchers believe it’s a good thing if people buy crocodile skin products where the skins have come from legally farmed crocodiles. Apparently demand for crocodile skin products would give crocodiles an economic value that they don’t have now. I guess, for locals it would be more appealing to conserve crocodiles if they have an economic value.
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