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Kribi Overview

Kribi, at around 2 hours drive south of Douala (if the traffic around Douala permits!) is referred to by many of the local people as Kribi La Belle, Kribi, the beautiful. It is situated right at the coast and has very pretty beaches north and south of the town. While originally a fisher's town, developments are underway in the area. Just south of Kribi, at Grand Batanga, a deepwater harbour will be built that can handle crude tankers. That is the place where a pipeline from Chad reaches the coast. While works are being done now, you can't see it from Kribi. Grand Batanga is approx 12 kilometers south.

For the Cameroonians Kribi is a seaside resort for the weekends. There are a few medium size hotels, the highest ranked one is Ilombo. You won't find high rises in Kribi, you won't find the usual fast food chains either. Not yet. The city exists of a few main streets with simple shops, often open front buildings with corrugated steel roofs. It is a bit chaotic in a pleasant way. The atmosphere is relaxed. This is where you will eat fish, fish and seafood. North of the city, along the well paved road to Edéa, Yaounde and Douala, there are a few very nice eateries along the beach. The same in the city, at the fish market.

Along that same road you will find several small scale resorts, ranging from very basic to pleasant and convenient. The residential areas are spread along mostly dirt roads around the center. All together, the population is around 50,000. The city has a landing strip, but as far as I know no scheduled flights. No railway station either. Transportation by taxis or on the back seat of the many, many moped taxi's. Nightlife is either the two main streets and its eateries and some bars, and there are two nightclubs, which inside are airconditioned and surprisingly modern.

Overall a pretty town, that is awaiting developments, both because of the nearby projects and in terms of tourism.