Kremlin and Red Square

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Moscow, Russia

Kremlin and Red Square Moscow Reviews

odiseya odiseya
237 reviews
Red Square - See You There Feb 12, 2017
Main square is always good position to start explore the city.

The Red Square is famous square probably in the world at least I think that. It is not only the central square of Moscow but it referred as center of Russia, because all major streets in city, all of them are connect to Russia's major highway, and all of this was originate from this square. I am fascinate with places that is seems that have a "big plan". From Kremlin, as focus of interest, this square divide it from Kitaj gorod witch, as it turn out later, become our "base". So, here we are and what we can see here?! Hmm...

Look at the nice and huge building that surrounding the Square. First of all, there is big wall of Kremlin. I see Lenin's Mausoleum. The famous Saint Basil's Cathedral in the south. On the east side is the big GUM department store and Kazan Cathedral. On the north part is State Historical Museum, and The Iberian Gate and Chapel is somehow on northwest.

The only sculptured monument on the square is a bronze statue of Kuzma Minin and Dmitry Pozharsky, and nearby is the so called Lobnoye Mesto, a circular platform where public ceremonies used to take place.

The square itself is around 330 meters (1,100 ft) long and 70 meters (230 ft) wide.

During our visit Moscow Red square is been partially close, because City is prepare for international festival of military orchestra.
Red Square
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odiseya says:
It is worth visit in my opinion.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2017
MalenaN says:
This is a sight I have still not seen!
Posted on: Mar 18, 2017
odiseya says:
I will come back one day.
Posted on: Feb 13, 2017
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odiseya odiseya
237 reviews
Lobnoye Mesto Feb 12, 2017
Lobnoye mesto is some kind of round stone-made platform on Red square with iron gate. It was about 13 m long. Nothing about it, at first sight, can tell me more about it. So, I start to research...

This place is know as the Place of Skulls, in translation means "Place for Execution". But, apparently this is not actually place where execution was carry out. It was belief that is build in 1530th. Nevertheless, this place first mention in 1549 and it was connected with Ivan the Terrible, where he ask forgiveness for his people after Moscow was almost completely destroyed by a fire.

In first time, it serves as a place where is announcing the resolution of Tzars. One of famous news was annunciation of Prince Pozharsky about liberation from Polish occupation in 1612. And obviously, it has their role in religious ceremonies. So, once upon a time during "Holy Week", there was a Sunday procession called "donkey walk" that would end at this place. The Tzar himself, on foot to show humility, would lead the Patriarch of Moscow, who was seated on a donkey, in a procession from the city gates to Red Square. In Orthodox Moscow this place symbolized the hill of Golgotha in Jerusalem, on which Christ was crucified. In translation from the ancient Hebrew Golgotha means "lob", head or forehead, hence the connection.

Famous reconstruction of this some kind rostrum was in 1786 by the architect Matvei Kazakov when it gain its today look.

Directions: Red square between GUM and St. Basil's Cathedral. Nearest metro station is Ploshchad Revolutsii.
Lobnoye Mesto
odiseya odiseya
237 reviews
Statue Of Minin And Pozharsky Feb 12, 2017
The Monument to Minin and Pozharsky is first monument in Russia. It is placed in front of St. Basil’s Cathedral. Author was architect Ivan Martos and it was made from bronze in 1818. This famous statue represented Prince Dmitry Pozharsky (siting) and the butcher Kuzma Minin from Nizny Novgorod (standing), the leaders of the militia that repelled the Polish invasion of 1612.

On the base of monument made by granit from Finland is relief from bronze with scene of patriotic citizens whose sacrificing their property for the benefit of Russia. On the left side we can see sculptor Martos itself who giving away his two sons (one was killed in 1813).

Originally, the statue stood in the centre of Red Square, with Minin extending his hand towards the Moscow Kremlin. In 1930, the monument was moved to St. Basil’s Cathedral where it is till now.
Statue of Minin and Pozharsky
JasperO JasperO
51 reviews
Beautiful Big Square May 22, 2013
The red square is the number one sightseeing of the city Moscow. It is a big square with a lot of other sightseeing around the square:

- The Kremlin

- St. Basil's cathedral

- Kazan cathedral

- Lenin's Mausoleum

- GUM department store

- state historical museum

The square is really a touristic attraction, because there are a lot of people on the square. You can visit the square for free, for some other sightseeings which are located next to the square you have to pay a fee. Unfortunately the Kremlin was not open for tourist during my visit to Moscow. The reason why it was closed was not clear, the lady at the ticketdesk only spoke Russian.
St Basil's cathedral at the Red Sq…
St Basil's cathedral at the Red Sq…
Red square + GUM warehouse in the …
Mausoleum of Lenin at the Red Squa…
Johnpro Johnpro
208 reviews
The Moscow Highlight ! Apr 14, 2012
It was a must of my traveling life :)

So the first day to arrived just visit it , was 10 o'clock at the night with a shower rain but I don't care so much about the weather conditions .

Been there 3 times , 2 times at the night and for one morning ! It was very nice place for me because was a must visit place of my life .

I Spend a lot of time around the Red square at day and nighttime , many tourists around the square and specially the daytime !

I was very lucky because been there in the Christian orthodox easter and saw also the resurrection of Christ in the church of the red square , the Kazan cathedral !

Many shops around the square for a coffee , beer or food ,

I visit some of them !

Also you can see the Gum , the cathedral of St Basil and of course the Lenin's mausoleum and many more :)

I don't write something about Kremlim because I will write an other review , for me it's something separated :)

Thank you all the peoples to be in my photos !

I recommended to you because is a highlight of Russia !

Thanks to read my review :)
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drfaust says:
Is 3 hours enough to see Kremlin and Red Square ?
Posted on: Mar 12, 2013
Ils1976 says:
I just love the night shots ... great!
Posted on: Oct 21, 2012
Johnpro says:
You ask for the Russia you take it May ! :) Thank you for your comment and take a cup of coffee :)
Thank you Armand and Max for the comments :)
Posted on: Oct 20, 2012
natkno natkno
3 reviews
Moscow : Kremlin and red Square May 24, 2011
During our Russia travel last year we had 1 week stop in Moscow during which we visited the Kremlin and the Red Square. To see the Kremlin it is highly recommended to go there early in the morning around 9h or 10h in order to avoid the huge queuing to get inside. The price is an average one, not cheap but not too expensive. The Kremlin is very impressive and gives you very large insight in Russian history. It is definitely worth going into all buildings and seeing them from the inside. Don't forget to take your travel guide with you to read about the different buildings, since I don't remember if there were phone guides available. After you have seen the Kremlin a must is then to go the Red Square.

The Red Square is nice by day but I even more recommend going again by night. The atmosphere has something from a fairy tale with all its lights around. You will meet a lot of people, mainly tourists but also a lot of Russians, doing pictures of this wonderful place.

The St-Basils cathedral by night is amazing and you will experience that even pictures won't be able to tell the beauty of this place by night.
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Mixal Mixal
23 reviews
Moscow's landmarks Sep 26, 2011
Well, you probably know or you read to know enough, so I'll just say that I didn't find Red Square anything special. However, I recommend you to visit it during the night (Moscow is looks much better during the night IMO), it's a nice sight. I suppose very few will buy anything in GUM, but it's splendidly decorated so you should take a walk even if you're not really interested in shopping.

Also, the view of St. Basil's Cathedral is much better from the other side where the road is.

Kremlin was the only place I saw relatively many tourists in Moscow. It was May and there were barely any tourists in other places! Although the prices are high (unless you're a student), I would strongly recommend you to go inside. I especially liked the tour inside Ivan the Great Bell Tower, where the whole history of Kremlin is shown through wall presentations. Well, I'll just say it has been changed so many times I lost count. Oh, you also get a nice view.

Honestly, if you haven't been to these places, you cannot say that you've been in Moscow! :)
paolop1969 paolop19…
3 reviews
Amazing May 28, 2011
I had a week end free during a business trip in Russia and I visited the Red Square. It was wonderfull during the day, pity it was closed for some governament event, but in the nigh was open and I really enjoy the view of this city
St. Basil's Chatedral by night
The Red Square
Shop with typical russian souvenir…
curdo1985 curdo1985
4 reviews
Incredible! Mar 06, 2011
I would probably say that it's the only place I've visited that looks as great as it does in photos that you can find online! You will never be disappointed and you will actually get to experience what you have been expecting to see and feel about it.
mazenjawad mazenjaw…
13 reviews
historic tourism Nov 17, 2010
memorable forever.

Once you enter the red square, you'll come back every day... splendid feel, beautiful views, all along until you reach the Kremlin and its cathedrals.

A must! You will also eat well around the red square. remember a full battery in your camera
Anna_Persova Anna_Per…
2 reviews
My first Moscow experience Aug 18, 2009
Moscow is great! You have a lot to do in the day time and even much more at night! :)

I keep coming to Moscow each year for few days at least
Liselore_Verschuren Liselore…
252 reviews
A legendary sight Aug 06, 2007
If you haven’t walked around on the Red Square, you haven’t been to Moscow. It is the most legendary sight in town and shouldn’t be ‘done’ in just a few minutes. It is surrounded by the Kremlin, Saint Basil’s Cathedral, GOeM and the State Historical Museum. If you also want to visit all these sites, including Lenin’s mausoleum, you can easily fill two days.

If you are interested in having a look at Lenin’s embalmed body, be aware that the mausoleum doesn’t have very convenient opening hours. It’s open from 10.00 to 13.00 and closed on Mondays and Fridays.
The famous Red Square (Moscow, Rus…
The famous Red Square (Moscow, Rus…
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drjays says:
Yes, all the sites in Red Square need a ticket except GOeM.
Posted on: Aug 04, 2011
Liselore_Verschuren says:
I didn't get into the mausoleum myself, I'm not a big fan of looking at dead people. The sites that surround the red square (Kremlin, Saint Vasil's Church and the State Historical Museum) all charge entrance, the church even charges extra if you want to take pictures. You can enter GOeM for free though! :)
Posted on: Jun 07, 2011
Bucefalo says:
for sure i'll walk in but i was wondering about the Lenin's mausoleum.. is it worth to see? all the sites in red square need a ticket entrance?thanks
Posted on: Jun 02, 2011
seraphimkarlien seraphim…
93 reviews
impressive, beautiful, kitchy Jun 29, 2004
Not sure if I should include this on my list, as I haven't actually been inside the Kremlin (otherwise I wouldn't have marked this as a free site, entrance fees are quite hefty!). But still, even from the outside, it looks quite impressive. The best view is from the bridge over the Moskva river.

The red square is one of those places that are so famous that it's somehow hard to believe you're really there. Actually it's called the beautiful square, but the word "krasnaja" changed its meaning somewhere along the way. Both names are appropriate.

The Unesco website says that "St Basil's Basilica is one of the most beautiful Russian Orthodox monuments", but I don't agree with that. From up close, it just looked kitchy to me. There are far more beautiful churches in Moscow.
Red Square
Kremlin & Moskva river
Marinushka says:
Don't you know that kitch is inoit culture? lol
Posted on: Jul 14, 2010

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