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#1 of 5 hotels in Kowloon
geoland says: "I have been to Hongkong thrice and my first visit was something i must say not a..."
#2 of 5 hotels in Kowloon
edanfolle says: "I stayed there for 4 nights. It's good location, situated in the busy road, surr..."
#3 of 5 hotels in Kowloon
pinkpeardrops says: "A nice central hotel, located just of the Nathon Road. When we stayed there, the..."
#4 of 5 hotels in Kowloon
dennisvanweeghel says: "I was stay in Hotel YMCA Int'l House in Hong Kong during the summer of 2008, and..."
#5 of 5 hotels in Kowloon
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