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Cheap Kos Hotels and Deals

#1 of 65 hotels in Kos
inkie1010 says: "The owners of Alex 2 apartments are very friendly. They do everything to make yo..."
#2 of 65 hotels in Kos
littleoak says: "I stayed here with 4 of my closest friends at the time and I have to say, the ho..."
#3 of 65 hotels in Kos
bite says: "Compared to other hotels Kosta Palace's biggest plus is it's location, it's a 5 ..."
Average Rate
#4 of 65 hotels in Kos
Iceguy says: "This Hotel is very Average. It is run by a family. The People are very nice and ..."
#5 of 65 hotels in Kos
sarah123 says: "Me and a friend here stayed here on a club 18-30, the time we went the hotel was..."
#6 of 65 hotels in Kos
Discover all that Kos Island has to offer with Stam And John Apartments as a base. The Stam And John Apartments boasts a conveni...
Average Rate
#7 of 65 hotels in Kos
The Nitsa Rooms is located in the heart of Kos and is within an easy walk from Port of Kos.
#8 of 65 hotels in Kos
The Koala Kos is located in the city of Kos proper. Approximately 100 yards away is the marina, one of the primary destinations ...
Average Rate
#9 of 65 hotels in Kos
The Philoxenia Hotel is located in Kos Island making it one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. The Philoxenia Hotel bo...
Average Rate
#10 of 65 hotels in Kos
Situated in the islands capital, which bears the same name as the island itself, the Captains Hotel Kos is proximate to many ...
Average Rate
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