Kokusai Street

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Naha, Japan

Kokusai Street Naha Reviews

swase swase
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Hidden Places! Mar 28, 2011
Listen! and listen carefully. I am about to give you the secrets that took me 2 years to find on this glorious street. Kokusai street seems pretty straightforward. However, there are places that are hidden away right off the side streets of here, that i cant even begin to list them all.

When i think back, my memories bring me back to some of the best times of my life on these streets. I hear the clicking of a woman's high heels echo while walking out of a club into an Empty eerily quiet night with me while i hear the banging of the night club in the distance. Or the 80's Disco and the flashing lights in a club called "Phycio" in a Side street off kokusai street on the 5th floor of a normal looking apartment building. The best adventures for sure.

But im going to give you some pointers on how to find some of these places that are nowhere to be found on the internet and even most locals wont know where these "hole in the wall" bars/clubs are.

The first place im going to tell you how to get to is the small club "Phycio"

Step 1: On kokusai street find the club "Be Green" its one of the biggest clubs on the street so you should be able to find it or ask pretty much anyone and they can tell you.

Step 2: Once your standing in front of it facing the club, Walk to your right. And keep walking until you see a big green gecko poking its head out of a Side street. (You may need to look up because its kind of higher on the wall)

Step 3: once you see the gecko poking its head out of a Side street. turn into this alley way and on your immediate left you will see an elevator. (Its kind of weird, because the elevator is outside and is literally on the street.)

Step 4: Take the Elevator to the 5th Floor...While you approach the 5th floor in the elevator you will begin to hear the rumble...This is how you know your in the right place! =) Once the elevator opens there will probobly be a crowd of people there.

The cover is 3,000 Yen which includes 2 drinks i believe.

Once your inside be prepared for a crazy night. Its small cramped and the music so so loud you can feel your cloths shake!

Another place that's amazing is also extremely well hidden and its an adventure in itself finding all these hidden gems in alleys that connect to more alleys like a maze.

"Unkown Name" Bar

Step 1: The directions are from Phycio. so leaving Phycio turn left and go further into the street.

Step 2: Go for 2 blocks and turn left.

Step 3: Look around i dont remember! =)

Any questions, Msg me :)
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markdd markdd
12 reviews
Kokusai street is popping Aug 01, 2007
If you haven't been to Okinawa to visit then you are missing out. If you're looking to have fun in Okinawa you must go down to Kokusai Street in Naha. Many nice stores to shop by day and when the sun goes down the bars and clubs are awesome. I can walk up and down Kokusai all night stopping in every place and have a blast.
Vanessa_Mun_Yee says:
I wonder if Okinawa is as expensive as Tokyo?
Posted on: Sep 21, 2009

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