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#1 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
kimpigott says: "This is right in the heart of Whitesands Beach which is supposed to be the most ..."
#2 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
amylaichareonsup says: "You can really tell when love, care, and attention to detail have played an impo..."
#3 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
sarahjayne87 says: "This place is beautiful I will get round to adding some photos to prove that..."
#4 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
Pincher says: "You can't expect too much. Its a guesthouse but it is on the beach. A room wit..."
#5 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
bashmentbabe says: "I arrived for the second time to 15 palms on the 20th April and stayed for a wee..."
#6 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
bellinghambuddy says: "this place has a great location with a nice water view and a really laid back fu..."
#7 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
ganesa says: "Cute and simple bungalos next door to popular guest house. No sandy beach, just..."
#8 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
mannym says: "Ive travelled to many places in the world and stayed in many hotels but this sma..."
#9 of 9 hotels in Koh Chang
There are no reviews or descriptions of Siam Bay Resort yet. Have you stayed here? Write a review.
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