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Kodiak Overview

Kodiak is a typical Alaskan fishing town. For those who want to experiance Alaskan life, without all the "tourist traps" Kodiak is still in the running.

In the summers boating, kyaking, fishing, fourwheeling, hiking, bear viewing, whale watching are just a few of the many activities on the island. On the road system is the City of Kodiak and the US Coast Gaurd base. With 3 outlaying area's Bells Flats, Chiniak and Pashagshak. The road is paved out to the rockel launch site where you may find fossils in the clifs, or surfers catching waves. You'll also find many free range Beefalo and Buffalo.

Throughout the road system you'll find WW2 bunkers, gun mounts and perhaps you'll discover a bit of American history you didn't know exsisted. Visit one of the 4 musiems, Kodiak Maritime, a colletion of the fishing community. Baronov, a collection of Russian Alaska, building is dated back to when Kodiak was a small Russian village. Alutiq, a collection of the history of the native peoples and of course the Military History musiem at the old WW2 battery, Ft. Abercrombie. The musiem is held in the Ready Amunitions Bunker.