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#1 of 128 hotels in Kochi
mukeshchelakkat says: "An hour drive from the city of Ernakulam through vypeen island, you reach one of..."
#2 of 128 hotels in Kochi
JustinSchwemmer says: "All around great value. You are treated like one of the family here, and breakfa..."
#3 of 128 hotels in Kochi
AdamR3723 says: "I have vsited Cochin 3 times in the last two years, and every visit have come to..."
#4 of 128 hotels in Kochi
drkirst says: "When we arrived and asked where we were from Norway we were told that we were ..."
Average Rate
#5 of 128 hotels in Kochi
spocklogic says: "I should say I may be over rating this place because it seemed mercy to the wear..."
#6 of 128 hotels in Kochi
chatarunga says: "We were pleasantly surprised by the cleanliness and the helpfulness of the staff..."
#7 of 128 hotels in Kochi
ulis says: "The Costa Gama Homestay is a small and reasonable place, not too far away from t..."
#8 of 128 hotels in Kochi
Schehew says: "The hotel basically didn't live up to its name. Especially considering the rate ..."
Average Rate
#9 of 128 hotels in Kochi
If you're travelling with a family in tow, the Tag und Nacht offers sizeable rooms geared towards the requirements of families a...
#10 of 128 hotels in Kochi
The city of Kochi is most famous for being a hub of trade from many nations and for the fort which bears the same name as the ci...
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