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#1 of 103 hotels in Knysna
Manu32 says: "This was our best accommodation in South Africa. We booked it via and..."
Average Rate
#2 of 103 hotels in Knysna
zafu says: "It was Southern Summer 2012 November 23rd, few friends together took a road tr..."
#3 of 103 hotels in Knysna
samsmithincapetown says: "I love my golf, and the mere fact that the Orange Lion is less than 2km. from Si..."
#4 of 103 hotels in Knysna
Searching for the most convenient Garden Route stopovers? Looking for Knysna, South Africa, accommodations? African Jewel Lodge ...
#5 of 103 hotels in Knysna
The Jembjo's Knysna Lodge is conveniently located in the centre of the city. The hotel's garden offers peace and quiet to sit a...
#6 of 103 hotels in Knysna
Discover all that Knysna has to offer with Lightleys Holiday Houseboats as a base. All hotel's guestrooms have all the convenien...
#7 of 103 hotels in Knysna
This affordable hotel is within a five minute taxi ride from the centre of Knysna. The B My Guest caters for families with chil...
#8 of 103 hotels in Knysna
The Heads, Knysna Forest and Lindsay Castle are within easy driving distance of the Lakeside Accommodation. The hotel is within ...
#9 of 103 hotels in Knysna
Situated in the heart of Knysna, the Elephants' Rest is within an easy walk from Featherbed Boat Cruises. The hotel's garden of...
#10 of 103 hotels in Knysna
Guests of the Knysna Manor Guest House will enjoy views of the nearby lagoon, one of the most well-known attractions in Knysna. ...
Average Rate
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