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Kinderdijk, Netherlands

Kinderdijk Reviews

Suusj Suusj
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Kinderdijk, Windmills Aug 05, 2016
Kinderdijk is located about 30 minutes south of Rotterdam and about 45 minutes from Gouda (both indications are correct as long as you travel by car ;) though public transport can get you there as well). A small or picturesque place famous for it's windmills. Since 1997 the Mills have been placed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

Kinderdijk is nothing more than 19 windmills in a typcal Dutch landscape. Water, grass and mills. The mills are build between 1738 and 1440. There is a difference in them though. There are 8 windmills on one side, de Nederwaard, and 8 windmills on the other side, de Overwaard.

From their own website:


Most of the Kinderdijk windmills are grondzeilers or ‘ground sail windmills’, but there is a difference between the windmills in the Nederwaard water management district (such as the Museum Windmill) and the Overwaard water management district.

The eight round stone grondzeilers in the Nederwaard are upper winders, some of which have the winch on the end of a tail pole. They have thatched bodies and an internal water wheel.

The Nederwaard windmills are not lined up neatly; instead, they are staggered to ensure that they would not block each others wind, especially in the event of a prevailing west wind.

This was less of a consideration for the Overwaard windmills, since they are spaced farther apart. It would also have been much more difficult to stagger the windmills in the Overwaard polder, since the edges of the Overwaard do not have broad strips of land along the dikes to prevent dike subsidence.

As you count I only talked about 16 windmills and there are a total of 19 windmills. The other 3 are the blokmolen or wipmolen (A see-saw Mill) Technically not located in Kinderdijk but in Alblasserdam (a place next to Kinderdijk). And then there are two other Mills also technically not located in Kinderdijk but in Nieuw-Lekkerland.

It can be quit busy at Kinderdijk. Keep that in mind when you consider going. The website indicates how busy it can be which should give you a good interpretation.

Visiting Kinderdijk is free. However, there are a couple of things you can do here which will cost you money.

Parking will cost you €5.-. The parking ticket gives a free coffee at the restaurant close to the souvenir shop.

€5.- for a 30 minute boat ride. Looking at the mills from the boat gives a different experience. Though €5.- for 15 minutes one way a u turn and 15 minutes to return is not cheap. I think it is worth it though but that is just personal preference.

You can visit a windmill. This will cost you €7.50. This also includes seeing a 13 minute movie in the visitor center.

Visiting one off the mills van be done by yourself as well as with a guided tour. The mill is small, with narrow stairs. There is only one way though so you don't have any traffic jams on those stairs ;). I had no problem getting my toddler up the stairs. Going down is a different experience though it worked out fine.

Outside off the mill are some picknick tables so you can eat your pre made lunch if you want :).

Purchasing your tickets online will give you a 10% discount.
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Ils1976 says:
still didn't get there ... maybe next year! :)
Posted on: Sep 04, 2016
Suusj says:
Glad to hear that :).
Posted on: Aug 06, 2016
delsol67 says:
I loved my visit to Kinderdijk
Posted on: Aug 06, 2016
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maryanntravel maryannt…
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The windmills of Kinderdijk Jun 19, 2010
When we have family visiting us, we like to take them on a tour through the Netherlands. However, we had not been to Kinderdijk yet and thought it would be nice this time to see this world heritage.

Kinderdijk is easy to reach. We went by car and if you follow the signs you eventually end up at the entrance. The parking in front costs 5 euros, a parking lot a few 100 meters away is free. The park itself is free, except for the visitors windmill, which is 3.50 euros.

The windmills of Kinderdijk were built in the 18th century to pump water out of the polder. It is an interesting system, which is also explained on the information boards along the road and on the audio system in the windmill you can visit.

The scenery is beautiful and you can take nice pictures. It is a pity that only one windmill is open for public. I also thought the information could be broader. But in all it was a nice and informative visit.
The windmills of Kinderdijk
The windmills of Kinderdijk
The windmills of Kinderdijk
The visitors windmill
shasya says:
This is truly a lovely place for a scenic walk and artistic inspiration :)
Posted on: Sep 05, 2010
Nzelvis Nzelvis
56 reviews
Jul 30, 2005
When I think of the Netherlands, I think of the Dutch. When I think of the Dutch, I think of windmills. When I think of windmills, I think of Kinderdijk. Kinderdijk is more or less a field or twenty-something beautiful windmills, all still in perfect working order. It's located about an hour south of Amsterdam by train. Upon arriving at the train station, you'll need to take a bus to the field. You really can't miss the massive windmills turning as you get close. As you walk the field, you have the opportunity to see the windmills up close and to learn about when they were made, how they were made, why they were made, etc. For a very small fee, you can even go inside one of the windmills and see how the families would live and work. If you want to see some examples of great windmills in the Netherlands, check out Kinderdijk.
Some of the windmills at Kinderdijk
mellemel8 says:
i went here on a rainy day :(
Posted on: Jul 01, 2007

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