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Kilgore, Texas is a small 11300 people town located in East Texas near I-20 on US 259. Kilgore sits about 120 miles east of Dallas, about 60 miles west of Shreveport, LA, 12 miles south of Longview and about 18 miles north of Henderson. There are many other roads into Kilgore including Hwy 259 from the south, 135 and Hwy 42 from the north.

It is a diverse town with Kilgore College offering degrees in various subjects as well as vocational certificates. The campus also has the E Texas Oil Museum, the Rangerette Museum and a some other great things to see while walking under 100 year old oak trees. The downtown is rather small, but has some pretty art deco style buildings. There are some great coffee shops, good and cheap restaurants and plenty of other services for the resident and the visitor.

The World's Riches Acre which stands as a reminder of the impact of oil on this area, is right downtown and can be seen from all over town. This area is decorated with lights during the holiday season and there is an annual parade that winds it's way through town.

There are plenty of places for worship including the Church of Christ, Baptist, Catholic, Meathodist and a host of non denominational churches.

Many hotels are available and more are being built. It is a safe place to be.

Yes, Kilgore is a nice place to live. Decades ago Kilgore, Longview, and Tyler were about the same size. Somehow Kilgore did not grow like the other nearby towns and is still relatively small. I enjoyed the three years I lived there.

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