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Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali City Reviews

Queentar Queentar
15 reviews
Safest,Cleanest City in Africa. Jan 23, 2013
Kigali City is Green and Calm.Safe and Super clean.No Plastic bags.No people eating and leaving trash on the roads...the beauty of kigali at night is incredible...the lights glimmer over a few of the country’s “one thousand hills”. Very beautiful.There are Coffee shops, bars local and international restaurants ranging from Chinese, Italian, North African, East African, Thai,Indian and Greek cuisine can be found around the city.The Nightlife isnt impressive but its growing.....Very Colorful city with friendly crowd.Loved it.
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Desmondt Desmondt
3 reviews
The City Of A Thousand Hills Jul 07, 2011
Kigali, located in the Central Province of Rwanda is what one can call a mound of little mountains. The hills and streets can be confusing as they are alike. But before that, let me tell u how I got there in May 2011.

Kigali is in Rwanda, East Africa. I come from Uganda in the North. I borded an Express bus from Kampala, Uganda to Kigali. you move south all the 6-7hour journey. Most of the way is flat till you reach the southern region of Uganda, the neighbouring areas are all hilly. There are sharp corners and nooks that may make you road sick! Its amazing when you drive for half an hour only to see where you have been a short distance away from you on the other side of a hill!

Reaching the border, we gave in our documents to the migrations office on the Ugandan side for scrutiny. Katuna border is a busy area, there are alot of people and goods going in and out of the two countries which sometimes causes delays of over three hours. This time, we were lucky to be on the first bus, Jaguar Executive, that afternoon.

On the border, the Ugandan migrations officer stamps "exit" on your passport and the Rwandan migrations officer stamps "entry". That is after filling the exit and entry forms respectively, showing the reason of travel. Mine was to visit. At aboput 3:00PM, i was again at the road sloping and climbing to Kigali City, Rwanda. There are alot of fascinating attractions on the way; for example the creativity used in constructing roads on steep slopes and how they are bound by big boulders to stop dangerous land slides is awesome. my neck was always circling as we passed various architects.

We entered Kigali City after (an hour) from the North, through Nabugogo bus park. Its a big park where there are small taxis, medium coasters and big buses. the organisation in the city is amazing.. one might think its some Europian hub. Most of the roads are one way, which helps in preventing jams and unnecessary minor accidents. Kigali's setting is different from most East African cities where you find buses are moving together with private cars or small commuter buses...even so, Drivers and Traffic in Rwanda keep right unlike those of Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda which keep left. The roads in the City are dustless! Iam still wondering how someone thought of making stone pavements to act as tarmac, its so cool and I think, cheap. It is even better than having gaping holes in the middle of a city High way!

There are lots of exciting places in Kigali. I slept at hotel called Hotel Laveddette near the Justice Street

and there is a wonderful view of Kigali City at night. The sparkling light from street lamps is so moving that you may think you are standing at a place higher than the stars!

Yes, the lights are placed in the middle of the streets and its these streets that snake up and down the hills, around them and then back again from the far side.

The Kigali Memorial Site at gishozi is one of the major Must Visit places when in Kigali. It is a museum and educational centre for Genocide of 1994. In there, you are showed and directed on what really happened. it is frequented by many tourists and this entails one to make prior appointment and preparations with the people concerned.

Cultural centre, has lots of things on display. Optical nutrition that is looking and enjoying is free. There are things like Kinyarwanda head dresses, traditionasl attire and many more. There commodities are good and I got my self a souvenir from this center.

After the centre, i went to aplace wher all people from all countries meet and hug freely, the gravitational centre of all emotions...the Amahoro Stadium..It is the biggest stadium in Rwanda and it has hosted alot of national activities like international games, Independence day and Liberation day cerebrations among many others. I was so blessed that day because I came when there were Under seventeen World Cup Qualification competition. I paid a cool 5000Rwanda Francs to watch the young-mavubi-ters play. it was classic.

In the same way, the Kigali International Airport is a good sight. The way it is built is grand. Entrance without a program is prohibited. and You need to be having a Valid ID to pass through. It is full of bee hive activity...people going athers coming and the Bourbourn Coffee aroma from the in-restaurant carry an exhotic aura good to the human mind.

The people in Kigali are also a marvel. their day to day activities are all perfectly programed. its rare to find a lousy person in the city. At 11:00pm. Traffic is ordely and transport is available at any moment. Hotels are good and with great service.

All in All, My time in Kigali was worth it. Today, iam thinking of Going back on my way to Dar Es Salaam next month.
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Desmondt says:
Oh, Maureen60, thanks. One day, you should visit Butare, a town in southern Rwanda, there are lots of attractions there, too.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2012
Maureen60 says:
I loved every minute in the city. The Genocide Museum was excellent. It included all Genocides i.e WWII and the Jewish peoples. It was well presented.
Posted on: Jul 09, 2012
montecarlostar says:
Sounds like an interesting place to visit!
Posted on: Feb 13, 2012
Desmondt Desmondt
3 reviews
Rice Schemes Jul 07, 2011
After Kigali, we went on an educational tour to the neighbouring districts. I went to Nyagatare the home of the Akagera National park and the meandering clear river Akagera. Here in Nyagatare District, there are lots of activities done. I got the chance of visiting the local people and also enjoying the beautiful country side.

we were taught how the plant grows, the fertilisers applied, the crops grown and the activities of the agriculture advisers and students.

There are many agricultural projects here. The most exciting one is the rice project. Here, in a place called Cyabayaga, there is a man made lake! It was constructed for the purposes of irrigation. The good thing about it is that it has an inlet which seems to be at a lower level than the lake its self. The geography of the area is worth a tourists look.

People here eat fish and are always supplied with water all year round. Which is different from some area in the world who have a problem of water. I liked the place because its just so remote and away from the rush and hustle of the urban activity.

There was one problem though, English languiage is a new language in Rwanda and most people in Kigali, anmd Rwanda at large have a problem in communicating using that language. They are however good at speaking French, which is a trouble for me an Anglophone. My Kiswahili language knowledge also helped me alot.

Agriculture is good. I like it when I see a maize Plant laden with a maize cob. or Rice bowing due to the wait of its grain. That means food security. You Like it too, Don't you?
Rukomo Town, a center in Nyagatare…
Me in Nomero Imwe (Number One) the…
Rice as ever
Me in Cyabayaga, note the Rice fie…
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