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Khor Virap Overview

If you begin heading through the Ararat valley, it is a flat barren area with poverty ridden towns dotting the road. You will see people working in the fields and around their houses. From every angle there are unobstructed views of Mt Ararat. You should stop at the Artashat Ruins. It was a capital of Armenia in 2nd century BC. It is in a pretty rocky and dry area. It has been partially excavated, but the work has stopped. You can still wonder around and find pieces of pottery and other items if you wonder around. You can also see the border of Turkey and the watch towers in the distance.

Little Ararat Again, just seeing Mt Ararat is incredible and inspiring. We found a couple of pieces of pottery to bring home, you might, also.

Moving on to Khor Virap Monastery, you should see the dungeon where St Gregory the Illuminator was imprisoned for 12 years. He was secretly fed by Christian women who dropped food down a hole to him each day. You will have to stand in a jumbled group in a corner of the church. There was no clear direction as to what to do or what you should see. You may have to push your way to the front as people seem just to be standing there. It gets really hot and the air gets thick with sweat. If you stick it out and go down the ladder mounted in a narrow hole to the dungeon. It turned out to be round room that is 4 meters diameter and 6 meters tall. You will be black with soot from candles. There were a couple of niches used as alters. To the Armenians it is a very holy spot.

Mt. Ararat has two peaks, Great Ararat, at 16,853 ft (5,137 m) the highest point of elevation in Turkey, and Little Ararat, almost 13,000 ft (4,000 m). You have a commanding view from here.

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