Khao Yai National Park

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Khao Yai National Park Reviews

LeanneR LeanneR
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A wildlife wonderland. Jul 30, 2013
I knew that whilst in Thailand I wanted to see what nature and wildlife the beautiful country could show me, so after a little research I found Khao Yai National Park. Once in Thailand very few of the other travellers I met along the way had even heard of it, let alone were going there, but any locals I told were very excited for me and I started to think that this might have been a good call.

After a ridiculously hot and exceedingly cheap bus journey (I would suggest getting the minibus in future - even if they can sometimes get a bit crammed, it is not a long journey and is airconditioned for virtually the same price) I arrived in Pakchong and was picked up. I stayed at Bobby's Jungle Tours and Apartments, a family run business consisting of a lovely little complex of a few apartments, a kitchen and outdoor area. It was all very comfortable, the welcome was warm, there are two delightful pet dogs and plenty of geckos. The food was exceptional - all cooked swiftly and freshly (do order the enormous breakfast pancake).

My friend and I had decided upon the one and a half day tour, which for me was utterly ideal. The first day consisted of a morning's jungle trekking in Khao Yai with a really informative local guide, who answered any questions knowledgeably and sought to give us the best experience possible which led to me seeing monkeys, hundreds of butterflies, a very well camouflaged green tree snake, a metre long black squirrel, various birds, beautiful flowers and hear a family of gibbons whooping as they went (the other group saw six!) whilst exploring the twisting turning trees, being kept fairly cool by the canopy above dappling the light. The landscape of the park itself is just unbelievable - rolling forests and hills as far as the eye can see.

After a lunch surrounded by wild deer and turtles we merrily splashed around in the river beneath the waterfall where The Beach was filmed before bundling back into the open van to drive round looking for wild elephants. We could not have been luckier - turning a corner we came upon twelve adults and three babies. Seeing them in their natural habitat was like nothing else - the babies were suckling, the adults protective (we got ever so slightly charged by and angry male at one point and had to drive away, before coming back to watch them for longer). We stopped outside the park at sunset and enjoyed shots of Hong Thong with the other group's guide, this fantastic and funny Thai guy with long grey hair.

The following day my friend and I were the only ones needing a half day tour so had two guides to ourselves - it was lovely, all chatting away as though we had been friends for years. We swam in a spring, playing catch with the locals, then went to a Buddhist cave temple and explored with torches, disturbing the bats flying overhead. As sunset drew near we stood outside of the cave and waited, telescopes set up to view the opening, and suddenly it begins. Three million bats begin to leave the cave, a line of them meandering it's way across the sky. Falcons swoop down, trying to separate them from the masses, catching them on the wing, little jet fighters, all powerful grace and beauty. Truly magnificent.

That evening we did not want to go back to Bangkok so instead went out with our guides to a bar and then a club, entirely full of Thai people who did not speak English, dancing away to a very kitsch live band.

For a place that so few travellers seem to know about or go to, I could not suggest going here enough, especially if you like wildlife. It utterly blew me away.
Khao Yai National Park
Waterfall wherw The Beach was film…
Monkey Swing - if ever in need of …
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Freelancer1983 Freelanc…
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Leeches Jun 09, 2011
The guide gave us long socks to protect us from the leeches. I was surprised they are everywhere!!! and they climb very fast up from the ground (they don't fall out of the sky :-)). They cant penetrate clothes but ones they are up to your t-shirt and it is hanging loose they will find the way in and reach your skin and suck your blood. But if you look regularly, every few minutes :-) hell yeah and push them of your clothes you will do fine :-) We went through the jungle looking for horn bills but we couldn't find them. From time to time we saw apes in the trees. You will see plenty of them on the road. Also we saw a scorpion. Finally we wanted to spot wild elephants along the road but unfortunately we couldn't see them. But on the end it was a nice experience except the leeches, i had no bites but an other backpacker was not paying so much attention and had some few bites (blood)
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amitiitr05 amitiitr…
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True Wonder of the Nature Jun 28, 2011
After almost spending 7 days in Thailand , covering places such as Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket, Phi seemed like we have seen all the flavors of the nature. But visiting one of the oldest Rainforest in the World was always a part of our itinerary. After a lot of discussion on whether to visit Khao Sok in the South of Thailand near Surat Thani or Khao Yai near Bangkok , we decided to go for Khao Yai. It became one of the best Experience of my life.

We took a north bound bus from Bangkok to Pak Chong. There is nothing special about Pak Chong except that one can get a very cheap accomodation there. We took a room on rent and put all ou stuff in the Room and took a minivan to Khao Yai from near Subway. We reached the Gates of Khao Yai at around 6.30 PM. It was looking huge , magneficient with all the long trees anf dense vegetation with a Grand Welcome gate. To our dismay there is no mode of transport available or no safaris available from the entry gate. You need to have your own vehicle or two wheeler ! Yes you read it correctly a Two Wheeler. The only National Park I know where you can go on a bike and visit places. So once we got the information and the fact that we can stay inside the park in Tents ( Tents can be rented from the inside). So we made our way ack to Pak Chong as the Camping site was 20 Kms from the Entry Gate. We reached back Pak Chong to rent Motor Bike, but all the shops were closed by the time we reached back (7.30 PM) We were lucky to convince a Motor Bike Taxi guy to lend us his Bike which he did after lots of convincing . We drove at speed of 80 + after we started at 8.40 P.M from Pak Chong to Khao Yai and reached exactly at 9.00 P.M ,when the Park Ranges was closing the Ticket Window. At that point we were sure that our Night wont be wasted. From there started the real adventure. We had to travel through the Rain Forest for 20 Km or so before reaching the Camp for tenting. We got the directions from our two friends who were already at the Camp site by now and were waiting for us. Also the Mobile played a great role in coordination so do remember to always carry a mobile phone on a backpacking trip. Talking about the route there were boards with information as " Elephant Crossing. Please maintain caution" , " Cobra and Crocodile area please dont get down from your Vehicle", "Place for Tiger Sighting" near Grassland. It was scary , adrenaline rushing and seemed liked the wildest thing ever to do. In about 40-50 minutes we reached the Camp where we saw our friends waiting for us outside the Camp area. They were happy to see us and were worried about how we would make it to the Camp. After all discussions about what could have happened? and Why dint we come earlier and like wise we went in the camping are where there were deers roaming among all the tents. It was first time that we were setting up a tent . After taking help from some people there it was there, out own tent and it occurred to me the importance of houses and that how difficult it is to have a place to stay if you dont have money. We hardly slept in the Night and went out a couple of times in the Jungle on the Bike in turns in pairs. We were lucky to see Porcupines and deers but didn't see any Big Mammals. Next day in the morning we got up late and arranged for one more bike which we managed to get thanks to the negotiation and Jugaad skills of us Indians. We went for a trek along Pa Kuay Waterfall. I lost my shoes in Phuket and was wearing only sandals and was very much afraid of being bitten by Scorpions , Snakes or some Crocodile . We trekked for 3-4 KM's and took some pictures and saw the serene river flowing among the jungles and saw many weird insects , got sucked by leeches, but it was time of our lives. It was one of the most thrilling experiences man can have without affecting or destroying the nature.After the Track we visited couple of more places and made our way to Pattaya away from the Nature for worldly pleasures.
vladibass vladibass
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wild wild nature Feb 02, 2011
Make sure you stay inside the park for a few nights,

cuz this place is HUGE.

Better book tours/treks with the park rangers.

Great chance to explore wilderness just ~ 200 km north of Bangkok.

Entrance fee - 400 Baht(!)

(40 Bahts for locals)
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