Khao San Road

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Bangkok, Thailand

Khao San Road Bangkok Reviews

hayley499 hayley499
35 reviews
khao san road Jul 18, 2011
khao san road is fantastic its got it all. all the travellers and back packers hang out there its a great place to meet people. it has hundreds of places to stay from hostels to five star hotels along with a wide choice of bars and restaurant's from burger king to small Thai bars to stalls selling food. there is nothing you cant buy there are stall selling everything from Cd's to clothes to bags you name it you can find everything there. there are massage places hair dresses tattooists.the nightlife there is great bars and clubs the atmosphere of khoa san road is fantastic.people of all ages visit khao san road.from all different countrys so its a great places for meeting people.khao san road doesn't connect to the bts but buses taxis and tuktuks run around Bangkok so its not really a problem.if you visit Bangkok this place is a must.
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thecitymadcat thecitym…
1 reviews
Khao San Road, beautifully messy Aug 22, 2011
I have been to Khao San Road many times and I just love the atmosphere there.

It's messy yet there's beauty in the messiness. Everyone's enjoying and the mood is relaxing.

The night stalls have some cool clothes and accessories. There are road side pubs where you could just side by the walkway and people-watch. Beautiful people everywhere from all around the world. If you like, you can also do dreadlocks at very lowe prices by the sidewalks.

Then if you're tired, you can always find a massage parlour (non-sleazy ones) to rest your feet and body!

It's a backpackers' ghetto with lots of inns and hotels.

Alcohol is cheap and Khao San is definitely worth your money.

Khao San is wild!
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zuesty zuesty
3 reviews
interesting Apr 24, 2011
I think this is a must-see in bangkok. You gotta go during the night. Bars lined up all over, great food, really cheap. Definitely bargain for the "bucket" drinks and take the bucket along with you to your next destination. The fish spa was the coolest thing i'd seen in a really long time (you put your feet in the water and the little fish come eat your dead skin...) i didn't do it but apparently its really relaxing.

definitely go see it, i can't begin to tell you how much there is to do here. You just gotta see it and find out for yourself.
Ramsy Ramsy
8 reviews
Backpackers paradise Jul 21, 2011
Located in Bangkok. Khao San Road is the backpackers paradise. A nice place to meet fellow backpackers and regular people who are on holiday in Thailand. Cheap shops, hostels etc. It really is something you shouldn't miss out when visiting Thailand. Take a tuk tuk or a taxi when leaving the airport and mention Khao San Road. Prices should rate about 300 baht for the taxi.
ruisilva ruisilva
2 reviews
backpacker's dream Mar 29, 2011
Been there in 2009 and would gladly come back. Lots of people, temples nearby, cheap lodging and great street food. Recommend it to everyone!
alpgalip alpgalip
75 reviews
"Touristic road with lots of entertainment" Nov 05, 2010
The Khao San road is the most popular touristic area in Bangkok. It is located in the old town. There are many restaurants, cafes, bars, markets and open market which sell clothes, footwear, sunglasses and souvenir products. It is possible to stay in this road. There are many hotels, hostels and guesthouses. Many world cuisines located in this road. Indian, English, Italian, Chinese and other world cuisines. At the night time there are many prostitutes on the roads. It can be seemed dangerous late time, but we haven't seen anything dangerous till late times.
Khao San Road - Bangkok
Khao San Road - Bangkok
Khao San Road - Bangkok
Khao San Road - Bangkok
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devilgirl says:
hi.. any suggestion on hotel at khao san road? thanks in advance
Posted on: Aug 10, 2011
alpgalip says:
yes sure.. we have stayed there.
Posted on: Jan 02, 2011
Vipin says:
aw KSR, no visit to BKK would be complete without stopping here!
Posted on: Jan 02, 2011
arun339 arun339
6 reviews
Khao San Road, Bangkok Aug 13, 2010
Khao San road must be one of Bangkok’s most vibrant streets, backpackers from all around the world come together here, to make it their base for exploring the rest of Thailand, take advantage of the cheap travel agents and cheap accommodation and to stock up on cheap clothes, cheap CDs and DVDs and much more.

There’s plenty to buy there and you won’t be disappointed in the prices. Because Khao San is home to budget travelers, the prices of goods also reflect that. I was there recently and I found the prices for clothing, other personal affects, souvenirs, and other items as good as anywhere in Bangkok.

I recommend that you visit Khao San even if you’re not a budget traveler. There is definitely a buzz in the air there. A real energy in seeing many nationalities in one location, all stationary for a few days, before they move on to their next stop.
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korrahh korrahh
12 reviews
Oct 10, 2006
“To find where it at you gotta find out where it aint’” Bangkok has a fair nightlife and I was ready to find out where it was happening.

One night Ken and I were out for dinner with Jen, a friend of his, and two of her friends. “So where are you from” I started. “Denmark” “Both of you” “Yes” I looked at the typical blonde Dane on the left and the Thai looking brown Dane on the right. “Are you twins?” They weren’t amused. They were eager to get out on the town and Jen suggested a club on Khao San road. “No not Khao San.. that place sucks” Ken made a face. “But I know the owners” Jen waved a cab down, “it’s alright.”

Before we knew it we were strolling Khao San road. Khao San road is a sort of Mecca for backpackers there’s hardly anywhere else in Thailand is more symbolic of this new invasion of genuine budget travelers turned grungy rich kids. The first most noticeable thing was the amount of foreigners everywhere it didn’t seem to be Thailand anymore. The whole place has a real tacky Disneyland-like touristic atmosphere all the signs were in English. Middle-class Caucasians stomped around in shorts and sandals talking high volume over the sound of Linkin Park blaring from the cafes and bars. These were rather Mickey Mouse establishments were “intrepid” travelers sat around the outdoor tables drinking red bull vodkas and soaking in all the “exotic local culture”. Hawkers accosted us with fake sunglasses and pirated Gangsta Rap they rattled off their spiels in perfect English.

We went down into an RnB club in a basement. The bouncer was an overweight overaged American woman with tight black clothes (tight on her) dark makeup and dyed black hair. I was dying to make a smart comment but she let us in (after we told her we knew the owners) so I didn’t grace her with my freshness. The bar was small and crowded. We past the pool table where a young American guy with a beard was playing with the most hideous witch-like junky. She was brown, rail thin, and had multiple piercings to match her shaved head. We found a spot to sit and have our beer while still having a good view of the bargirls and the large flat screen. There was some important world up match playing live (England vs Portugal) and everyone including the Thais (I don’t know why) were cheering on the English. I got so sick of these red faced Brits and their fawning Thai birds that we started cheering loudly for Portugal. It was a big joke so I was stunned to see Rooney off and Ronaldo hitting the net. We grabbed an Arab guy from Dubai, our only fellow Portugal supporter, and danced around laughing like imps.

During this time a pale young would be PUA from the UK made a sarging attempt on Olga our blond Danish friend. He walked up to her and started yakking away at nonsense. “I try to find something special when I travel to new exotic places…blah blah or something of the sort” maybe he was nervous but once opened it he wouldn’t shut his mug not even to smile. We were ignoring him because he acted like we didn’t exist (I was sitting right next to Olga). It soon became clear that he would have better luck with some Thai bird, who wouldn’t know any better than to give this poor man a chance, so he excused himself.

After the match the club music cranked up a notch and the Thai birds squeezed into the aisle to dance (there was no dance floor). The young bearded guy was all over the bald spiderwoman. She flashed a jagged tooth grin and he seemed bewitched by her. Outside the club another bearded guy stood on the sidewalk snogging a bargirl while his two mates looked on. “Look at this isn’t it just beautiful?” Ken smirked. “Hey, Fuck you!” the two brits yelled back.

It felt good to leave this fake piece of Thailand I don’t know why people come from all over the world to stick together and make such a sham street. If you want the real deal avoid this road and stay at any number of local guesthouses and go to Thai places. Make real Thai friends and meet real Thai women.
Khao San Rd. vendor
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simsing says:
Nice review!
Posted on: Oct 26, 2012

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