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Khao San Road Overview

Khao San Road. You may have heard of it. A short street of no more than the length of a few hundred meters is actually a place that is bigger than life! People watching? You got it. Food? From budget to gourmet. Drink? But of course. Long having a reputation as a backpacker ghetto, KSR has expanded to the neighborhood around as a destination for hip locals as well as an international meeting place.

As a destination to stay a few days as you make plans to run about SE Asia, KSR offers bedding options from roach motels to 3 star accommodation. There are shops selling everything from pirated software, clothes, knock off bags (sometimes of decent quality),travel guides, and just about everything you need as a backpacker or basic traveller in general. There are several "agents' about who can help get you to any destination possible by bus,train,plane,boat,nook or crook. But ask around or check more than one. Its the easiest place on the planet to ask a fellow traveller about their experience with various services. Your mileage may vary! Live big or just dissappear..KSR has what you need. Some love it! The energy is great...some hate it can be a poor representation of "Thai-ness" to them. But check it out..its a destination to itself!

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