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Quite possibly one of the most amazing and beautiful locations in Africa is Kenya. Tucked away on the Indian Ocean coast between Somalia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Sudan, and Uganda, this eastern African country is simply packed with sights and sounds for every level of adventure. There are over a dozen national parks within Kenya, testament to the rich diversity of the countryside, and the abundance of African flora and fauna. This is safari paradise, and any traveler wishing to experience a safari for the first time should most certainly start in Kenya.

While the country is accessible to all levels of travelers, it is still a developing country. As such, amenities outside of the major cities will be sparse at best, and some travelers will find themselves in shock at the level of poverty that Kenyans regularly live in. In addition, the political climate has changed somewhat since 2008, and visitors should be aware that tensions can be high in certain areas. Precautions should be taken, and always travel with a group if possible. Take malaria pills with you, make sure your yellow fever vaccination is current, and do everything possible to protect yourself from mosquitoes, as they are very real threat because of the diseases they can carry.

The cultural experience within Kenya is like no other on earth. The people are friendly, the food is divine, and the experience is one in a million. However, the reason people come to see Kenya is for the national parks, and the safaris. Tourism is a staple industry within the country, and visitors have access to everything from the rainforests of Kakamega to the beaches along the Indian Ocean to the grasslands of the Masai Mara. People can visit the Marine National Park along the coastline, or head inland to the Tsavo National Park, one of the best places in all of Africa to see creatures such as lions, elephants, leopards and wildebeests.

Nairobi #1 most popular location
Traditionally known as the “green city in the sun”, and long a center of importance in the region, Nairobi is the most populated city in East Africa, as well as the largest city and capit…
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Mombasa #2 most popular location
Mombasa is a city built on an island (Mombasa Island).It was founded by Arabs in the 11. century. The city is the only major seaport in Kenya and also the nation's second largest city with mo…
105travelers 36reviews 18blogs
Masai Mara #3 most popular location
37travelers 11reviews 11blogs
Ukunda #4 most popular location
4travelers 1reviews 3blogs
Naivasha #5 most popular location
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Malindi #6 most popular location
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Nakuru #7 most popular location
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Watamu #8 most popular location
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Nanyuki #9 most popular location
Nanyuki is a market town in central Kenya, lying north west of Mount Kenya along the A2 road and at the end of the railway. It was founded in 1907 by British settlers in 1907, some of whose d…
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Masai Mara Game Reserve #10 most popular location
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Bamburi #11 most popular location
If you are visiting bamburi as a tourist then you will be staying in one of the hotels along Bamburi beach. The beach is beautiful with warm water however at low tide it can get crowded as t…
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Lamu Island #12 most popular location
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Diani #13 most popular location
Diani Beach is situated south from Mombasa. With white beaches it's a great location for a sunny holiday. There are a lot of hotels down the coast-line, there you can choose and there is so…
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maasai mara #14 most popular location
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lake nakuru #15 most popular location
Tsavo #16 most popular location
Tsavo National Park is the biggest park in Kenya and is about 21.000 squere metre. Tsavo is split in 2 parts thanks to the reailway and road from Mombasa to Nairobi. That's how you get Tsa…
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Lake Naivasha #17 most popular location
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Kilifi #18 most popular location
Kilifi is a small town 40km north of Mombasa. It is in the second poorest Kenyan district and only has a very few shops in the town centre. A 'Tuskys' supermarket has been built in the past…
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Kisumu #19 most popular location
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Amboseli National Park #20 most popular location
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Amboseli #21 most popular location
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Taveta #22 most popular location
Masai Mara National Reserve #23 most popular location
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Lamu #24 most popular location
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Kisii #25 most popular location
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Mount Kenya National Park #26 most popular location
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Eldoret #27 most popular location
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Mida Creek #28 most popular location
Masai Mara National Park #29 most popular location
The Masai Mara Reservation is located in southern Kenya and is part of the northern expansion of the Serengeti, with the two reserves divided by the borders of Kenya and Tanzania. Home to the…
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Samburu #30 most popular location
Limuru #31 most popular location
Limuru being in white highlands.Its climate make the place condusive for farming,tea farming and for flower industries. Jumuia Country Home Limuru is the best of all Hotels in Limuru.Karibu …
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Narok #32 most popular location
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Shanzu #33 most popular location
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Voi #34 most popular location
Voi is located in the southern part of Kenya in the Taita-Taveta District of Coast Province. It is a small town located on the A-109 highway between Mombasa and Nairobi and also on the railwa…
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Maungu #35 most popular location
Maungu is a small village, 40 km from Voi. Maungu is home to Wildlife Works. Rukinga Wildlife Sanctuary has opened a key migration corridor for endangered elephants, cheetahs, wild dogs, zeb…
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lokichoggio #36 most popular location
Commonly known by the locals as Loki..Its the last town to the border on South Sudan.A very cool place considering the place you are staying.I love the serenity especially when the cattle's a…
Mida #37 most popular location
Mt. Kenya #38 most popular location
Lake Bogoria National Reserve #39 most popular location
Isiolo #40 most popular location
Magadi #41 most popular location
Keekorok #42 most popular location
Great Rift Valley #43 most popular location
Longonot #44 most popular location
Kajiado #45 most popular location
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Indian Ocean #46 most popular location
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Samburu #47 most popular location
Kikambala #48 most popular location
Thika #49 most popular location
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Point Lenana #50 most popular location