Kensington Palace

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London, England
Kensington Palace - Ceiling detail shot of one of the rooms open for the Kensington Palace tour.
Kensington Palace - Palace Gate - Kensington Palace
Kensington Palace - Front of Kensington Palace and statue of Queen Victoria
Kensington Palace - Kensington Palace Gardens
Kensington Palace - One of the rooms open for the tour of Kensington Palace.
Kensington Palace - Kensington Palace (left side)

Kensington Palace London Reviews

mdfehmel mdfehmel
232 reviews
Kensington Palace Oct 10, 2013
Kensington Palace is the "other" major royal residence in London. Made famous by Queen Vistoria and, more recently, as the primary residence of Princess (Lady) Diana, and presently, the home of Will and Kate, the palace, like Buckingham, is open to the public. The tour lasts about 2 hours at a moderate pace, although you could make it through quicker, or take your time and stretch it out much longer. The greatest draw is the collection of dresses on display from fashion icons Princess Margaret and Princess Diana. Unlike Buckingham which displays State rooms, Kensington allows you to venture through 3 separate resident apartments from 3 separate monarchs: Queen Victoria, King George (I&II) and Queen Mary II. Single entry tickets are about 18 punds however, if you know in advance that you will be visiting several majot sites throughout London, there are bulk ticket options available. I found Buckingham to be more impressive and Kensington is off the beaten path in west London, so if you are pressed for time, I would recommend that you leave this site off the list. However, if you have the time, and definitely for the Royal Family fans out there, this shoul be a required stop.
Kensington Palace (left side)
One of the rooms open for the tour…
Kensington Palace Gardens
Front of Kensington Palace and sta…
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rikkewj rikkewj
2 reviews
Unexpectly good Jul 29, 2012
I went to see the Palace with a large group of school girls, and we were quite impressed with the different ways we invited to interact with the different displays. One exhibition we went around and found playing cards with different letters on them. Those letters helped solving a puzzle in the end. In a different exhibition you could try out playing with dolls theatre from the Victorian era.

All in all I think it was really good, especially if you are interested in royal history as well. :)
Quintessence86 Quintess…
2 reviews
Magical! Enchanted at Kensington Royal Palace Jan 28, 2011
This Palace is set fairy tale dream like. From start to finish this takes you on a journey to discover Princesses in England giving you hints and clues to which Princess is in each room. It's like falling into a fairytale, albeit a sometimes sinister one.

Enchanted PalaceKensington Palace,LondonUntil January 2012


0844 482 7799

You will discover nests of clocks appearing down fireplaces, twisted trees straining upwards through floorboards, and ivy creeping out of brickwork like something out of Sleeping Beauty.

This isn't about dusty objects but real people, whose fairytale lives seldom ended in happy-ever-afters. On the King's Grand Staircase, a Vivienne Westwood dress stands in for the fleeing figure of George IV's daughter, Princess Charlotte, who could not escape death in childbirth at 21; in the King's Gallery, there are hundreds of toy soldiers where William III played with his nephew, whose death, aged 11, spelled the end of the Stuart line.

Visit this if you like Tim Burton's fairy tale work.
petrarchanprincess petrarch…
36 reviews
Dec 30, 2007
One word...LAME! I really don't want this to turn into a diatribe, but it might. This place was more expensive than it was worth. I was excited and impressed was a little museum with mannequins getting dressed for formal outings, then in the next room it was more costumes, and a free audio tour explaining all the difficulties of making the clothes and getting dressed. Then you went through the chambers and they were decorated as they were for William and Mary who initially settled in the place (back when Kensington wasn't part of London proper). Then you got some history about Queen Victoria and her was all great...fantastic...worth it. some of you may know, Princess Diana used to live in of course, they were going to talk a bit about her. At first it was fine...a few dresses, some information...fine. Then it got was like room after room after room of gigantic photos of her in different colors and a video and this and that and the other was like a giant SHRINE. Sorry...but to's like...get over it already. It's one thing to have a couple rooms about her, but not an entire FLOOR. Plus, it's creepy to me to stand in a room with 8 giant Diana faces staring at me from all sides. Anyway...that ruined it for me. Hopefully you'll like it more than I did.
sarahelaine says:
LOL! There are still reliably diana stories in all the newspapers pretty much every monday. Totally sympathise!
Posted on: Jan 30, 2008

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