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Toronto, Canada

Kensington Market Toronto Reviews

holgerhbaer holgerhb…
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A different - alternative - part of Toronto Dec 26, 2013
I lived in Kensington market for some months a few years ago. It is - like many of TO's boroughs a one-of-its-kind, but KM still is different from all the other Irish, Portuguese, Italian or Korean neighborhoods. Kensington Market today is a slightly strange, but wonderful mix of all things it used to be - home to many Jewish families in the early decade of the 20th century ... mixed with the Jamaican immigrant that came some decades later - so you got your weed-selling reggae record store right next an old synagogue.

Today, in KM you'll find lots of excellent food, alternative shops and cafes and a different kind of Toronto - small, relaxed, local.

If you can, try going there on a Pedestrian Sunday when they close parts of the borough for cars so pedestrian can flood the streets, play scrabble on the streets or dance to bands playing there. If there's no Pedestrian Sunday in sight, go there for a stroll and reward yourself with some empanadas, fresh fruit, cheese, sweet stuff from the bakeries or nuts - and enjoy life.
Can you guess in what way Kensingt…
Pedestrian Sunday reclaiming the s…
sunset over KM
"the revolution will not be motori…
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sarahsan sarahsan
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Kitchy Kensington Mar 04, 2011
Kensington Market in Toronto is not just a market, but also a funky neighbourhood. It is located on the edge of China Town, between Dundas St W, Spadina Ave, College St and Bathurst St.

There are a lot of vintage clothing and jewellery shops, craft shops, bakeries and fruit and vegetable stands, and of course cafés and bars. Many of these are in old houses. There are bright murals on some of the buildings. It makes for a very colourful neighbourhood. Kensington Market offers one´s mind a break from all the chain stores and franchise restaurants that plague the rest of Toronto´s core.

When you enter the neighbourhood, you step away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is busy, but has much less vehicle traffic. In the summer Sundays are traffic free. Street parking is close to impossible, but there is a park house in the middle of the area.

Many of the houses in the area were built to house Scottish and Irish immigrant labourers. Kensington Market itself was founded shortly after 1910 by a large wave of Jewish immigrants who were displaced from a different area of the city. They opened tailor, bakery and import shops in the densely built houses that occupy the streets. As the immigrants moved up the socio-economic ladder, new immigrants moved in and the age of their stores is key to when the wave arrived. First Portuguese and Italians, then Chinese, Vietnamese and finally, the latest wave, Hispanic.

My first impression of Kensington Market was that it was a bit run down. To be honest I am indifferent to the market. Some people love it and some people find it disgusting. So I suggest that you visit it yourself and judge. It is an okay place to wander for an hour or two on a sunny afternoon. It was cold and it started to rain when we were there so we cut the stay short.
Kensington Market
Kensington Market
Must be the narrowest house in the…
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HuBison says:
Nifty review-sounds like a cool place to visit...I may end up in Toronto next year for an event.
Posted on: Jun 24, 2012
yadilitta says:
Congrats on being featured, amiguita!!!! Muy interesante :)
Posted on: Mar 12, 2011
Africancrab says:
Congratulations on the feature Sarah.
Posted on: Mar 12, 2011
perfektewelle perfekte…
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Kensington Market: A journey into the Alternative Apr 07, 2011
Upon visiting Toronto, my brother and I decided to check out Kensington Market. We knew little about it and decided to give it a go.

One of a kind restaurants line the streets. Murals caress the sides of buildings. Awkward and endearing stores are open for business. Antique stores, like Funky Junky, are filled with all sorts of collectables and memorabilia. If you are looking for some interesting clothing, be sure to check out Kensington Avenue. It has everything from beautiful silk Indian inspired dresses, to Fairie attire. Vintage motorcycle jackets, or interesting t-shirts from Exile.

Kensington Market is alive. I find it to be the most vibrant area that I have seen in Toronto. I would recommend the area for indie/ alternative/ artsy types of people, and for lovers of international cuisine.
HuBison says:
Thanks for the review...I may end up there next Spring and it sounds like I need to start saving now for some shopping! Woo hoo!.
Posted on: Jun 24, 2012
johnnyk johnnyk
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Street scene Mar 12, 2010
While in Toronto for the PDAC in March, I had opportunity to wander through Chinatown to the Kensington Market. The Market can be found by traveling uptown on Spadina Avenue to Andrews Avenue just off the northwest corner of Toronto's interesting Chinatown neighborhood.

If you like market places as a destination to absorb some local color, you may like spending an hour or two the next time business (or pleasure) leads to to Toronto. Located on just a couple streets KM does not occupy a large area. It features the usual assortment of cafes, produce stands, and stores selling all matter of garments, trinkets, collectables, paraphernalia, and junk. It is a grity and decidedly not upscale scene where you may very well whif the sweet odor of cannabis wafting from the doorways and shadows. Sources claim that the area is safer than it used to be since the influence of the Asian gangs has diminished in recent years. I purchased an interesting African souvenir while strolling behind a local street thug tagging the hood with a paint marker. My pic of him came out even worse than the ones posted, and so it was deleted. I kind of liked the market, fwiw.

(Disclaimer)Poor photo quality resulting from damaged cellphone camera, and not indicative of the condition of the photographer.
Chinatown on Fentanyl
Fruit Stand in Kensington Market
Local Head Shop
I can't even tell what this is....
HuBison says:
Would you consider it a safe place to travel during the day?
Posted on: Jun 24, 2012

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