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45 Salzbergstraße, Berchtesgaden, Germany

Kehlsteinhaus Berchtesgaden Reviews

Andy99 Andy99
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Atop The Eagle's Nest Oct 03, 2011
Kehlsteinhaus, or The Eagle's Nest as it is usually known in English, is the famous mountaintop chalet built for Hitler. It certainly is the most famous attraction in Berchtesgaden.

Kehlsteinhaus was conceived by Martin Bormann as a present for Hitler's 50th birthday in April 1939. Construction first necessitated building a road, the Kehlsteinstrasse, up the mountain from the Obersalzburg compound. The road and chalet were completed in a little over a year, built largely by conscript labor and at a cost in lives. The Eagle's Nest sits perched on a ledge on Kehlstein mountain at 5,764 feet (1757 m).

The view from the Kehlsteinhaus grounds is truly magnificent. One can see all the way to Salzburg and beyond as well as the surrounding mountains, valleys, and lakes. Today, visitors get to Kehlsteinhaus by bus from the parking area, following the same winding Kehlsteinstrasse with its single hairpin turn. Arriving at the Kehlsteinhaus parking area, visitors go though an enormous portal drilled into the mountainside and follow a dark tunnel to an elaborate elevator. (Kehlsteinhaus sits 407 feet (124 m) above the parking lot at this point.) The polished brass elevator is the original and is something to experience in itself! Arriving at the Eagle's Nest, one can explore or go on a tour.

Kehlsteinhaus is not that large. (There were no sleeping quarters and it was not intended as an overnight lodge.) The chalet has a large dining/reception room, a smaller side room (sometimes known as "Eva Braun's Tea Room"), a kitchen and storage anterooms that were once Hitler's study and a guard room and an observation deck. A large marble fireplace in the reception room was the gift of Mussolini. Most of one's time here will probably be spent taking in the view on all sides.

Hitler made few visits to Kehlsteinhaus, but the Allies considered it a top prize when it was captured at the end of World War II. As well as a tourist attraction, it operates as a restaurant today. Really a very interesting place to visit.

The shuttle bus from the parking area up the Kehlsteinstrasse to the elevator entrance is 15.50 Euro. You can also hike the Kehlstein trail.
Kehlsteinhaus - The Eagle's Nest
Kehlsteinhaus from Kehlsteinstrasse
Shuttle bus to Kehlsteinhaus
Kehlstein area map
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montecarlostar says:
Congrats on the feature, Andy!!
Posted on: May 28, 2012
austin37335 says:
Nice review. Congratulations on having it featured today Andy!
Posted on: May 28, 2012
cicie says:
Congrats on this featured review, Andrew
Posted on: May 28, 2012
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Conquer Conquer
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Unbelievable experience Oct 13, 2009
The Eagles nest in Berchtesgaden, Germany is the mountain top fortress that Hitler had as a hideout. If you have watched the Band of Brothers series, the last episode of the series is this building. There are tours available that take you to the mountain where it is located but I took local buses from Salzburg, Austria and it was half the price.

You arrive at this bus station at the bottom of the mountain and a bus takes you up about halfway and then you take an elevator (same one used in WWII) to the top of this building where Hitler stayed (now a restaurant) and you can see for miles. Amazing site, building is touristy but being that high up and the view is amazing
Around the mountains
Hallway to the elevator that takes…
The Eagles Nest
rrodjr1931 rrodjr19…
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Aug 05, 2007
While in Bavaria I decided to get up super early and hit the Eagles Nest, which is a home built on the Bavarian Alps. It was presented to Hitler by the National Socialist Party for his 50th Brithday, but he rarely stayed there. Ungreatful

Anyway there are a couple of options on getting up this huge mountain... You can take a lift to the ticket area, which is pretty hi... Great for people who love hieghts.. When I went the lift was down for mechanical reasons, so I drove up the mountain. What an experience.. I didnt think the car would make it. If you have a junker stay away... It was fun though. Its one of those thin ledges with few guard rails...what a challenge.

Once you get to the bus depot/ticket area you park your car in a lot for $2.50(Euro). The earlier or later you get there the smaller the crowd. The last bus leaves at 4pm. Trust me this puppy gets packed with bus loads of tourists. YOu have two options when purchasing your ticket... Option 1 is a one way ticket and you hike your ass down when your done. Option 2 is a round trip ($15 Euro). Many people choose option 1 because its cheaper and you get excercise..Dead give away on who chose what option... look at peoples feet. The ones with the boots on are probably hiking down.

The Germans dont play with their activities.. You will see people fully clothed with boots, back packs, water, and everything you need to hike down a mountain for two I took option 2 because I didnt have the time, but Im sure hiking down is an experience.

The bus ride is even scarier than getting to the parking lot! Its a one way road with buses coming in both directions and very few guard rails. Youll live though. Once you get to the top you have to register the time your going to stay up there. I didnt notice the English tour, so if you can get with that it will provide you a better experience. Not sure if a cost is associated with it though and not sure how long the tour is. Might want to ask before you pick your time. If you dont take the tour 1.5 hours should be more than enough.

So anyway, you take an elevator to the top of the mountain and bam your in the building. Its been converted into a restaurant with an area that has a few pics and a video displayed. I was a bit disappointed once I got up there, because I expected more of a historical site and less of a commercial one. The restaurant seems to be the main attraction up there. Only thing that saved it for me was the view. OMG. What a view. Just check out some of the pics attached here.
View: Riding up the mountain on th…
View: The Peak
View: Hitlers Bachelor Pad
williamsworld says:
Hey Andy. Great review. I visited here many years ago. I really enjoyed the history etc here. I have some photos but I have to learn how to scan them into my computer. Congrats on being featured. You need to compile all of your reviews and put them in a book. Great stuff
Posted on: May 28, 2012

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