Kecak and Fire dance at Uluwatu Temple

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Bali, Indonesia

Kecak and Fire dance at Uluwatu Temple Bali Reviews

yuness yuness
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Kecak & Fire Dance at Uluwatu Oct 10, 2012
Kecak dance is the most popular show on Bali and is always full of spectators at the show every day at Uluwatu.The Kecak dance is performed at various places and events on Bali.

The show (originally) all male, is sung and danced without musical instruments. At Uluwatu the seated outdoor Theatre stands on solid rock with a height of many tens of meters, Performances are stage designed in such a way that it has the majestic Indian Ocean as its backdrop and timed for the unmissable,captivating and breathtaking Sunset views.

So whilst taking in the awesome Sunset at 18.00 or just before Sunset the show starts. The show takes the story of the Ramayana story with main characters like Rama,Shinta,Rawana and funny clowns who interact with the large audience making much laughter. A MUST SEE SHOW.
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yuness says:
Hi Bhushan,the show is on everyday of the evening time...there is a separate fee to enter both the monkey temple and show.The show will only take part on dry days as it is an outdoor show...also it will be cancelled on days of celebrations in Bali.
Posted on: Dec 13, 2013
bhush2006 says:
Is the show everyday or only on particular days? Are there entry fees?
Posted on: Dec 13, 2013
rsvpme says:
Ouch...Sorry..they were your photos....
Posted on: Aug 05, 2013
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IndoIan IndoIan
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Sunset and Kecak Dance 'Uluwatu, Bali' Oct 10, 2012
We Visited Uluwatu Temple, starting in the afternoon taking in the temples, views, walks and the many monkeys on site here. To complete our tour here we book to watch the famous Kecak Dance, whilst waiting the show to start we are given another show, that of a most enchanting Sunset, which is still setting as the dancers take to the stage, enjoying as the sunset is completed, we start watching the Kecak dance, which itself is one of Bali's most popular dances. Kecak dance is usually referred to as the "Cak" or dance of fire (Fire Dance). The dance shows a mass of entertainment from that of traditional arts, vocal chanting mixed with a ballet like dance drama, these along with some audience participation make for a lively show, the storyline is loosely based on the Hindu epic “Ramayana” battle, the actors portray there characters in colourful clown like forms.

The uniqueness of the Kecak Dance is by not using gamelan (a percussion orchestra) as a musical accompaniment, but it just combines the art of many vocal voices – with the main cries from the mouth being like "cak cak cak cak" this lends to the name of the dance hence called “Kecak”.

Kecak Dance performances at Luhur Uluwatu temple take place every day at 18.00. As the sun began to sink, some dancers will wear plaid sarong like a chessboard into the arena and take a position of sitting in a circle on the front row of the bleachers. Then they start a Rhythmic tune like an akapela cry of "cak cak ... cak ..." sung to the accompaniment of movements in unison. It was really a sight, and entertainment for the ears, eyes, and perhaps also for your soul. One of the privileges one gets when listening to vocals sung on their own merits.

Kecak dance can be found in several places in Bali, but here at Uluwatu is the most interesting to watch. Luhur Uluwatu temple is rich in traditional historical values. This temple is so incredible, standing on a cliff with a height of approximately 30 meters above the Indian Ocean, a mind blowing sight. Uluwatu is known as a great place to surf and spend time at the beach. Other attractions is to walk these cliffs here you can do that in good safety. Colourful scenery added to by the highlight of many a different sunset.

In addition the atmosphere that is created by the large audience in this perfectly placed outdoor theatre is electrifying, that accompanied with the fire dance performances will leave you with a lasting impression and will invite admiration. Luhur Uluwatu temple itself is historic and one of the most sacred and famous temple on the island of Bali. This place is the perfect location to watch this traditional Balinese dance directly with beautiful natural bonuses. Performances take Ramayana story with major figures such as Rama, Shinta, Ravana and several prominent Punakawan. As well the soulful music and tantalizing theatre the show has the added mixture of humorous acting.

Kecak Dance Performances begins at 18.00 or just before Sunset. With performances ticket prices at about IDR 75,000 / person...A must is to get here early to avoid disappointment...every effort is made to accommodate everybody with a was a full house...and rightly so.
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cicie says:
Congrats on your feature, Ian :)
Posted on: Aug 05, 2013
monky says:
Congrats on your featured review! :D
Posted on: Aug 05, 2013
rsvpme says:
Congrats on the feature !
Posted on: Aug 05, 2013
sandy_ryanto sandy_ry…
39 reviews
Great affordable cultural attractions in Bali Apr 14, 2011
If there is one thing that I would recommend to a Bali's first timer to do, then it would be enjoying the Kecak and Fire dance at the Uluwatu Temple.

Why? Coz it's trully a blend of culture and breathtaking scenery, and it's hassle free, and it's affordable!

The dance is Balinese traditional dance, in which hundreds of man will dance and shout in harmony. The storyline of the drama is provided on the leaflet in several language in order for easy understanding the story path.

Uluwatu temple is Hindu's temple that is located at the cliff of Uluwatu, close to the classy luxury complex of villa with the view overlooking the Indian ocean.

To reach there, taking a cab would be best, aside from joining the more pricey organized tour. Quote the cab for Uluwatu area, and it's almost at the end of the uphill road, where you will enter a monkey forrest with the temple, Uluwatu temple.

Shows start daily at 5 PM, so just be there, and while waiting, people can enjoy the monkey forrest on top of the cliff.

Pictures attached, and they don't lie...enjoy !!
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riosekeon riosekeon
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Stunning by the cliff Jun 24, 2011
one of the MUST GO tourist attraction in BALI, Indonesia.

There are many KECAK dance show in BALI, if possible you MUST go to the one in ULUWATU TEMPLE. combination of beautiful scenery and stunning performance of KECAK and FIRE dance just kill your 2 hours to enjoy the show.

World famous Kecak Dance at Uluwat…
The Fire Dance
here you go...on the top left. dat…
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SylviaEbi SylviaEbi
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Dance at Uluwatu Temple Jan 11, 2011
This dance is really nice..And sometimes the dancer make a jokes..
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pearcetoyou pearceto…
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Balinese Cultural Show at Ulawatu Temple Nov 06, 2009
While at the Uluwatu Monkey temple, Asri and I decided to watch the Balinese dance. Tickets are 5USD per person, and the show lasts about an hour.

Kecak is the most unique Balinese dance which is not accompanied by any orchestra but by a choir of seventy men has its origin in an old ritual dance: Sanghyang or Trance dance. In the sanghyang dance a person in a state of trance communicates with the dieties or ancestors. Using the dancers as a medium, the deities or ancestors convey their wishes. The story goes:

Due to a wise prince of Ayodya Rama the legal heir to the throne of Ayaodya was exiled from the realm of his father Dasarata. Accompanied by wis wife Sita and his younger brother Laksamana they went into a forest called Dandaka. While they were in the forest the demon king Rahwana found them and lusted after the beautiful Sita. Accompanied by his prime minister Marica, they made a trick to steal Sita. Using his magic power Marica transformed himself into a golden deer. Disguised as a golden deer they succeeded in luring Rama and Laksamana away from Sita. Rahwana making use of this opportunity, kidnapped Sita and took her to his palace Alengka. Discovering the deception Rama and Laksamana set out to rescue Sita from the clutches of the demon king, assisted by the huge army of monkeys under the command of their king. Rama succeeded in getting his wife back safely.
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