Ke Harum Aroma Cafe

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Jalan Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Malaysia
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - Mango Juice. I would rate it 2.5 out of 5.
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - Nasi Goreng with ayam.
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - Close up. Nicely presented but horribly cooked chicken. It could have been cooked the day before and deep fried again when being ordered.
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - In the cafe.
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - How it looks like on the outside.
Ke Harum Aroma Cafe - The menu cover.

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Not fresh food. A disappointment. May 02, 2010
What to have for lunch? Well, of course something local! I mean, whenever you're in a foreign country, you would want to try their local dishes.

We had walked pass this shop a couple of times for the past two days and noticed that it wasn't too bad since there were some people dining there.

Alright, there wasn't much food for the nasi campur (rice and dishes) so we decided to get something from the menu instead. We ordered two glasses of mango juice as they claimed that it was fresh and Nasi Goreng with Ayam(fried rice with chicken).

The thing about us, we love mango; whether eating or drinking the freshly blended juice. Anything with fresh mango, we love it! But never the ones (juices) from the syrup/puree with water added or perhaps syrup and a bit of mango being blended, what a cheat.

The mango juice wasn't all that great as it was quite diluted and yes, we could tell that it was from a fresh mango as there was some fibre in it. In my humble opinion, nothing beats BU Warung's mango juice (in Lovina, Bali).

Here comes our nasi goreng with ayam (fried rice with chicken)and I didn't expect the ayam to be deep fried but that was alright. Presented nicely and it looked appetising. The nasi goreng was nice, not great but still edible. SADLY, the fried chicken was horrible. I know it is mean of me to use the word 'horrible' but it is the right word that fits it.

Why was it horrible? I like the breast part of the chicken and I know it can be dry (when overcooked) but it can also be juicy. Well, as a cook I know what had happened to this. I could tell that this piece of fried chicken breast had been deep fried and kept aside until there's an order. When there's an order, the person will deep fry it again for a long time.

The outside wasn't the crispy sort of texture (which you know it had been freshly deep fried). It was VERY tough to bite and to even use the cutlery to cut it. Practically, I was forcing myself to finish the chicken because I didn't want to waste my food and money.

I apologise for complaining and being grouchy about this but the chicken was such a disappointment. It was presented nicely, the nasi goreng was nice but the chicken was like cardboard.

Well, maybe they're good at their nasi campur thus that was why not much food/dishes left on the long table for us to choose. You could risk it and try their campur as I haven't tried but all I could tell you is, NEVER eat their nasi goreng with ayam. As for the fresh fruit juice, I would say don't bother to try fresh juice and just stick to the soft (canned) drinks.

To sum it all; when I eat this dish, nasi goreng and drinking mango juice; it is very tempting for me to compare it with Bu Warung's. I know it isn't fair because this is from Langkawi, Malaysia and BU Warung is from Bali, Indonesia. If you're able to afford trips to these places, try them and you will be able to tell the difference. I guess nothing beats my expectations for BU Warung's dishes yet.
The menu cover.
Mango Juice. I would rate it 2.5 o…
Nasi Goreng with ayam.
Close up. Nicely presented but hor…
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