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#1 of 5 hotels in Kashan
Biedjee says: "This is Kashgar's first and still only traditional hotel and it sure is a winn..."
#2 of 5 hotels in Kashan
Miranda-Maas says: "What a great place! The Ehsan house is a traditional house with a courtyard. It'..."
#3 of 5 hotels in Kashan
avieira67 says: "Tive o enorme prazer de ter ficado duas noites neste hotel, um caravanarai, po..."
#4 of 5 hotels in Kashan
mewall21 says: "I had a lovely stay at the Negin. It was a clean and quiet hotel. The courtyards..."
#5 of 5 hotels in Kashan
TheJohnsons says: "Location- very close to mosque? And easy walk to historical houses. Down atmosph..."
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