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Karlstad Overview

Karlstad, (Meaning Charles Town) Is Situatued on the top of the great lake Vänern in the province Värmland.
It is the 17th largest city of Sweden with it´s 61 685 inhabitants. The city was namned after king Karl IX, who also gave the the town it´s city rights, before that, the citys name was Tingvalla. Karlstad is a city built on many islands in a delta of the river Klarälven (Called Trysil älva in Norway)

The province of Vämland is know for it´s many authors and the fairytail and saga landscape. One of the most known from karlstad is Gustaf Fröding. The most famous one from Värmland is Selma Lagerlöf, who was also the first woman ever to recieve the Nobel price for litterature in 1909.

Karlstad symbol is a sun, and is famous for "the sun is always shining in Karlstad", however this actually reflects a waitress who was very famous for always beeing happy and smiling. She is now standing statue in city.

In the year 1905 Karlstad was were the peaceful ending of the Swedish-Norwegian Union was decided. No shots were fired and Norway got it´s independence from Sweden.

The Karlstad of today is a beautiful city with alot of waterfront appartments and lots of pubs and nightclubs. There is also alot to see here when it comes museeums, nature and architecture.
It´s also home city of the famous Hockey team Färjestad, who have won the swedish league many times.
There is also a big coffee roastery in the city "Löfbergs Lila", that makes the whole city smell fresh coffee from time to time.