Karlovy Lazne Dance Club

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Novotneho Lavka 5, Prague, Czech Republic
www.karlovylazne.cz - 00420 222 220 502

Karlovy Lazne Dance Club Prague Reviews

SofiaLodhi SofiaLod…
2 reviews
River Party Feb 26, 2015
I went last night and it turned out to be quite a river party at it's finest. Location was better then I had expected as it was just next to the river Vltava and downtown. The club is an entire building-5 or 6 floors. Each floor on it's own could was big enough to be a club. Multiply that couple of times and you have one sick party. Crowd of all ages but percentage of younger was higher(I'm in my mid twenties) which kinda makes sense I was partying at that age too. Drinks were okay and staff was friendly. Have fun
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EvaBarreto EvaBarre…
1 reviews
Clubbin Prague Mar 04, 2015
Best party in Prague!! If you are looking to party this is your place. There are other places in Prague but Karlovy Lazne is definetly the biggest and most popular. A lot of things were happening going in. Bouncers made sure no one carried anything dangerous inside. Cloakroom was pretty full being winter time. The ticketing system wasn’t the best with the little number paper – easily loose it. There are 5 floors with different music on each floor, and A BAR ON EVERY FLOOR! Super hot dancers too.
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luke2 luke2
4 reviews
Your unconvential building for a club Jul 04, 2011
Once braving it past the formidable bouncers outside the club and paying the entrance fee (quite cheap ~ 30 koruna before 11pm)and heading upstairs you find yourself in an incredible upbeat trendy club. To my memory there were 4 floors, each boasting its own dance floor and a separate room for a bar.

The building used to in fact be a medieval bath house. Now they've used the old swimming pools on the lower levels as dance floors with a balcony around the top creating a superb atmosphere. On top of this they have a disco room with the classic coloured light squares beneath your feet. To top it off, on the top floor is a chill out room with heaps of sofas and bean bags and playing chill out trance etc.

All in all this venue provides you with a very unusual setting for a night out. It also throws in a good range and choice of music from floor to floor ( main rooms are of course mainstream house and charts etc). Drink prices are a standard premium price but its well worth forking out that extra bit for a good night out, you'll certainly have one here.
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sarahjayne87 sarahjay…
48 reviews
karlovy lazne - strangest nightclub I have even been in Feb 25, 2011
karlovy lazne

Its often described as the biggest nightclub in Europe and although this club is quite large im not sure this is true as I have been to some of the large clubs in Ibiza and im pretty sure they are a lot larger

This is the strangest yet the funniest best nightclub I have even been in.

The club has 5 different floors

on each floor there are a few different rooms / bars

Each room has a different theme and music

Open till late (around 5am)

Located just on the river front

Each room has its own random theme, one room has a Marilyn Monroe, another with a flashing dance floor.

Cocktail bar

Drinks average prices

Best nightlife in Prague


Entry fee of around £5
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GGianfranco GGianfra…
1 reviews
Crazy and fun Jun 03, 2011
I was in Prague with my friends for a couple of days. Went around in the city and found this nightclub which i truely admired! Had a really good time, and you will notice how every floor is just more and more crazy. All types of different music so everyone will find their favourite spot of the club. Cheers
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joshle80 joshle80
3 reviews
Big Dance Club Next to the River Mar 13, 2011
Basically a hit or miss depending on the crowd you are with. There's a cover charge of about like 8 USD. Expect inexpensive drinks but they are pretty watered down. Coat check is available just don't bring your expensive jackets. Party doesn't start until maybe midnight or 1 am. But there's a line up before then so you should try to get there a bit early. Seems like they let anyone one in, because while we were there it seems there were 16 year olds amongst the crowd. The club is 5 floors of different music taste. So if you don't like one floor move to the next. My tour group spent most of the time in the 80's floor where they have a lighted floor where you dance. On top floor you get to chill on the couches. Bottom floor is mostly hip hop and booty music and is the most crowded with an upstairs and downstairs part.
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CallumOxley CallumOx…
3 reviews
Prague Nightlife Mar 15, 2011
If you're in Prague and looking for a good club with a varied selection of music, I would recommend the Karlovy Lazne club.

This club is huge. It's set accross 5 floors with differnt rooms; each playing different styles of music. Basically 5 clubs for the price of 1!

Entry is 120CZK (£4) and the drinks are well priced, like most of Prague's bars. It is open till 5am and is full of a good mix of locals and tourists.
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pj7 pj7
2 reviews
Karlovy Lazne Dance Club Jun 14, 2011
It might be where the tourists go but this 5 storey club overlooking Prague's river Vltava river ticks all the boxes.

Pop tunes in the basement, dance further up and bars to chat & chill out in.

The traveller & tourist crowd means it can bit a bit grimy (look somewhere else if you're in tuxs & cocktail dresses guys)but it's open until 5am.

Drinks prices are reasonable, or at least cheaper than the Wencleslas Square tourist traps. There's even free computers in the basement chill out room if you're desperate to update your Facebook status or check BBC news when you're full of Absinthe and Semtex at 3am.

When you stagger out at dawn the view over the river is spectacular.
peppertm peppertm
116 reviews
Karlovy Lazne Jul 19, 2009
Described as the largest club of its kind in Central Europe, Karlove Lazne has five music clubs on five floors. The ground floor is called Music Café, the first floor is disco music, floor number two is Kaleidoskop (music from 60’s-80’s), the 4th floor is all dance music and is called Paradogs Club, and the top floor is calm, relaxing music. Guaranteed to be busy, this club lived up to the reputation we knew, which was loads of people, loud music, and great fun. We danced the night away, forgetting that there were multiple floors, staying on one floor all night.
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Eric Eric
408 reviews
Jun 09, 2007
Karlovy Lazne is one of the biggest clubs in Prague and located right next to the Charles Bridge, so it's in a central location too. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most touristy. When I went with my friends it was mostly guys. The venue is cool because it's spread out over 4-5 levels, with different types of music on each level and a chill out lounge on the top, but I don't think the ratio makes up for it. From my experience you are unlikely to find any Czech speaking people here...

Despite spending a few days in Prague we had a hard time finding cool "local" bars/clubs. There are supposedly a few near the old town center area, but the ones we went to were kind of empty...Try to meet a local and have him/her share what's good -- then let us know!
pragkid pragkid
4 reviews
Looks Good on Paper Sep 21, 2007
Karlovy Lazne looks good on paper:

-5 stories

-Different club themes of each room






The mega-club hails itself as "The Largest Club in Europe," the neon sign on the early 15th century building reflects off of the Vltalva River, just 100 meters from Charles Bridge.

That's the success of Karlovy Lazne, how it looks on paper or in-flight magazines, tourist guide books and other paid for print advertising. Everyone knows about Karlovy Lazne before they get to Prague.

It is only for tourists and this may be its problem.

-A surprisingly high level of 30-year old males, British mostly, drinking and chatting the night away.

-Large student groups, American and Western European mostly, staying together in a protective flock.

-Locals, yes but rarely above 18 as it's one of their first clubbing experience in their city.

-Live Electronic followers never leave the trance themed floor and salute their favorite DJs with maximum attention and dance.

You don't feel the need to be the 25th guy to approach the 1 girl of social value. You see she's tired of the advances as well and have confined herself within her friends.

Everyone is dancing together but not really. Everybody else is walking around, up one floor, then another, looking for something new in the crowd of people but just after you notice her from across the room, through the smoke machine, you realize it's your buddy from the group, just on another floor.

In the winter be aware of their schedule:

Sunday- 1 floor is only open

Monday- 1 floor is only open

Tuesday- 2 floors are open

Wednesday- 3 floors are open

Thursday - 4 floors are open

Friday - All 5 floors are open

Saturday - All 5 floors are open

Cost of entrance fee depends on the evening but is certainly every evening.

In the Spring/Summer you'll have to wait in line as they want to make sure everyone pays the raised entrance fee.

So, the entrance and drinks are expensive. If you have a fun group and you want to make a night out of it, it's certainly something to say you did, even if you didn't have fun. Because certainly someone's told you that they had fun, because the club itself sounds good on paper.
Turn on the bright lights.
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Flyinhigh says:
Good info, nice review. Cheers!
Posted on: Mar 14, 2009

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