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Named after the river which runs through the state, which in turn was named after the tribe of Native Americans who lived in the area, Kansas is one of the original Great Plains states, and today is known as “Tornado Alley” due to the large number of tornadoes and hail storms that zip through the state during the summer months. The eastern parts of the state are similar to western Missouri, with rolling hills, forests, and rivers. As you go further west you begin to get into the Great Plains section of the state, and from the Flint Hills until the foothills of the Rocky Mountains the plains extend in one vast, open landscape which stretches on for hundreds of miles.

Most people assume that Kansas is just one great big flat landscape with nothing to see or do. And while that might the true for the western portions of the state where everything is primarily taken up by agricultural-based activities, the Flint Hills running down the center of Kansas provides some geographical wonders, and as you get further east, especially in the southeast corner of the state, you get into the Ozark Mountains regions, packed with gentle hills, thick forests, and plenty of lakes and rivers. The state has several national parks within its boundaries as well.

Kansas City is probably the most prominent city within the state, known for its BBQ sports teams like the Kansas City Chiefs or the Kansas City Royals. Wichita is known as the Air Capital of the World, and home to Wichita State University, but perhaps the most interesting town is Lawrence, which is home to the University of Kansas, and has one of the most vibrant cultural and music scenes between Chicago and Denver, which is at odds with the rest of Kansas’ quiet farming communities. All in all, while it might be a wide open space, there are plenty of little things to see and do while in Kansas, as long as you are willing to get off the beaten path.

Wichita #1 most popular location
If you want to be smack dab in the middle of the United States, venturing to Wichita will get you pretty close. Though it is the biggest city in Kansas, Wichita is only the 51st-largest U.…
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Overland Park #2 most popular location
Overland Park is the second largest city in Kansas and a suburb of Kansas City. Located just south south west the population runs about 200,000. It is constantly rated as one of the top ten …
55travelers 3reviews 2blogs
Topeka #3 most popular location
41travelers 4blogs
Salina #4 most popular location
10travelers 2reviews 1blogs
Lawrence #5 most popular location
Lawrence, Kansas sits in midway between Kansas City, Kansas and Topeka and is a diverse and cozy college town. Famous for the long and storied winning reputation of the Kansas University (KU)…
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Kansas City #6 most popular location
85travelers 3reviews
Hays #7 most popular location
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Junction City #8 most popular location
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Manhattan #9 most popular location
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Dodge City #10 most popular location
Dodge City, founded in 1872, sprang from nearby Fort Dodge Henry’s Sitler’s sod house, at the edge of the fort’s territory, had become a frequent rest stop for traders in the years afte…
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Emporia #11 most popular location
The town of Emporia was founded in 1857 by a group of men from Lawrence, KS. The town's growth is attributed to The Kansas News, a newspaper published within the first year of Emporia's foun…
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Olathe #12 most popular location
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Hutchinson #13 most popular location
Hutchinson (known to the locals as Hutch) is nicknamed the Salt City due to the abundance in the area. In fact, this area was once surveyed by the federal government to become the location f…
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Colby #14 most popular location
Garden City #15 most popular location
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Oakley #16 most popular location
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Liberal #17 most popular location
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Goodland #18 most popular location
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Coffeyville #19 most popular location
Coffeyville, KS was founded in 1869, and named for its founder Col. James Coffey. The Colonel opened a trading post along the Verdigris River, near the Indian Territory (Oklahoma). The ci…
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Pratt #20 most popular location
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WaKeeney #21 most popular location
Russell #22 most popular location
Concordia #23 most popular location
Shawnee #24 most popular location
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Quinter #25 most popular location
Wamego #26 most popular location
Alma #27 most popular location
Carneiro #28 most popular location
Bavaria #29 most popular location
Nicodemus #30 most popular location
Nicodemus was established in 1877 by former African American slaves in hope of escaping the harsh discriminative realities of the American South post civil war. The town has struggled to surv…
Berryton #31 most popular location
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Emmett #32 most popular location
Chapman #33 most popular location
Monument #34 most popular location
Havensville #35 most popular location
Saint Benedict #36 most popular location
Lebo #37 most popular location
Fowler #38 most popular location
Eskridge #39 most popular location
Volland #40 most popular location