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Kangding Overview

Kangding is in the western part of China's Sichuan Province. It's a little off the beaten path for many travelers. The town's scenery is spectacular as its set in a river valley between two huge mountains. In fact getting there requires a winding 7 hour bus ride from Chengdu. Bus companies will offer all travelers plastic bags as a few passengers almost always get motion sickness as the bus winds its way up and down the mountain highway to Kangding. The town is also the name sake of a Chinese and Tibetan folk song called "Kangding Love Song" (type the song's name into Youtube and versions of the song will turn up).

What's interesting about Kangding is its multicultural mix as the town sits on the historic border between the Chinese and Tibetan cultural areas. The town's population is split almost evenly between Tibetans and ethnic Han Chinese with a smaller community of Muslims. Much of the town's architecture reflects the ethnic mix with buildings adopting both Chinese and Tibetan motifs. Paomashan (literal translation from Chinese: Running Horse Mountain) is the site of a Horse Racing Festival every spring.

Kangding's bus station is a transit center to get to other smaller towns and villages such as Dege and Ganzi especially if you have an interest in Tibetan life and culture in this part of China. Supposedly the government is building an airport for the city but as of now either car or bus is only way to get there.