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K.L.M. - The extremely unreliable airline Aug 01, 2008
First up I want to say that until now I would proudly proclaim to anyone that I love ALL things Dutch.

I love the country, I love the history, the art, architecture, the canals, the cities, the festivals, the cheese, beer, the bikes, the language, the way the people live their lives, the way they do business, the guys (some of my best friends are Dutch), and of course the women - well im convinced if I were ever to settle down with a European woman she'd probably have to be Dutch.

But alas, enter the fray: KLM

Without question the most inept, unreliable airline I've ever been on - and I've actually flown on every major airline there is.

I was delayed a day both going forward and back home to Australia recently. This meant I missed my grandmother's funeral mass, and my first day of a new job! It was a terribly upsetting experience, only made worse by KLM's total inability to handle the situation. Every single possible step of the flight was full of ineptitude. I had paid business and was put in economy. My connecting flights were not advised of the incoming delays so I had problems getting on the next flights and we were absolutely not compensated at all appropriately. (A $5 phone credit that can only be used on specific booths in Schipol, and a E50 voucher for another flight)

One man on my flight was in 1st class and actually tried to commit suicide (im not joking) over night in the hotel we were put in because he had been stuck in amsterdam for 3 days due to KLM and had just found out his wife in Sydney had suddenly died. He had to be sedated on the plane and was a total mess. The way they treated him alone was criminal.

The outbound journey was delayed due to a fuel valve problem. The return flight had to emergency land in an unscheduled city due to a whole engine failing. Extremely poor performance if you ask anyone!

I was not compensated for missing two irreplaceable events, nor for the fact I had paid business and put in economy.

Unfortunately, KLM also appears to not communicate with their code sharing agents and from all I spoke to it seems this is an extremely common problem and apparently issues like mine occur frequently. My final leg was with Malaysian airline and it was clear that both airlines have disdain for eachother and conveniently blame each other for all problems - leaving you with no solution.

Apart from all of this is the fact that the planes are ancient (about 20years old) and in economy class have no TV's or anything to keep you entertained. And the air hostesses, seem to have started working when the planes were bought. They are the worst examples of Dutch women..and it's a real shame.

My attempts to contact KLM to discuss this were also pointless, getting the run around from every office I called, with no one taking responsibilty and being handballed between UK, Australia and Amsterdam agents.

All in all, this was the most devastating flight experience of my life. Not just for what physically happened, but for how they were totally unable to both deal with it and then later fail to compensate me.

I will never fly with KLM again.

Neither should you.
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adamlittlewood says:
I realise this is a really old post, but you should really think about making a compensation claim. Their treatment of you has been horrendous.
I found this infographic which should give you an idea of what you might be entitled to. Flight Delay Claim inforgraphic.
The rules and entitlements of EU Flight delay compensation can be quite complex and I hope this might help simplify the details like it did for me.
Thanks, Adam
Posted on: Sep 14, 2015
hdichter says:
there's a reason we call it Northworst (since it's NW-KLM). They, too, wouldn't do anything for me when I submitted a complaint via email, but when I sent one via the Better Business bureau, I got a $200 voucher and a $7 check. They always feel obligated to respond to BBB claims b/c those are on record that people check.
Posted on: Dec 01, 2008
Sunflower300 says:
Geno, I am horrified by your experience, and my heart breaks to know you missed your grandmother's funeral mass. I hope your work understood and didn’t give you too much grief over missing your first day.
Posted on: Nov 28, 2008
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jennethm jennethm
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Nov 22, 2007
August 19, 7am, Melai’s house (just 10 minutes or less away from the airport)

I woke up that morning excited. No, that is not enough to describe it. I am super excited! I was jumping up and down while in the shower and excitedly saying "I am going to Europe, I am going to Europe" in a melodious tone repeatedly. Why not? This is my first time to go out of Asia and I will be away for a long time. Not everyone has this chance in my country. Goodness, I am so excited!

KLM flight 804 to Amsterdam, 1045am, August 19. Checked again the flight details over the internet before I finally agreed that I am ready to leave. I have already checked in via the internet so I was expecting less hassle. Anyway, I did have to go through the long lines of baggage x-ray check and the super long line in the immigration – everyone has to go through that. I am just right in time for boarding when I reached the gate for my flight, but how come they haven't started boarding yet? Hmmmm... The answer came a minute or two later. The speaker finally said, "Ladies and gentleman, sorry for the slight inconvenience but the flight is being delayed." Being the positive person that I am, I reasoned that it is no big deal; however, 30 mins after that, they informed us that there is an engine problem and that accommodations are being made. Suddenly, the boarding gate is a chaos. Everyone is complaining. Connecting flights that will be missed, doctor appointments that cannot be postponed, etc etc. I am just a quiet observer. I cannot let anyone or anything ruin my mood. This is my big trip! End result, we were checked in at one of the better hotels in Manila, The Manila Hotel. I got one big room just for myself as well as every passenger. It was nice to relax, only to remember that I do not have any clothes with me. I chose not to retrieve my luggage as I am hoping we would only have to wait a few hours in the hotel until the plane engine was fixed. But then no... No news yet from the airline about the tentative schedule. At least, the hotel is free and the meals are a combination of Mediterranean, Filipino and American food buffet. Eat to your heart's content ;) and all the passengers checked in are starting to be friends with each other. One nice thing to appreciate about it. But still, everyone is concerned about the flight. If their loved ones to pick them up would be available by the time the flight pushed through.

August 20, Manila Hotel.

It is a nice buffet breakfast but we all have a not-so-good sleep. Everyone is worried that they might miss the message about the flight. As for me, I have to shop for clothes because I cannot request for my luggage anymore. So I went out to buy some clothes, more than I need, a very unwise thing to do I realized later. I also went out to meet with friends as I cannot sit still at the hotel and spend my waiting there. The girl I met next door who is in the same flight promised to text me anyway if there is any news from KLM.

One buffet lunch again at the hotel. Damn.. I am getting fatter here! This is KLM’s fault (yeah, what a lame excuse). No news yet from KLM. Everyone is getting bored waiting. Finally, around 6pm, someone did slip a message at the door that flight is to resume the next day, that we should check out of the hotel by 6am and shuttle will be available by 630am. They even arranged for an earlier breakfast for everyone to start at 4am. Nice of them.

August 21, Ninoy Aquino International Airport, 10am.

We have been at the check-in counter for 3 hours now. The line is not moving. Almost everyone is in a bad mood – no wonder. I have been hearing a lot of swearing from foreigners.. though I cannot really say the exact meaning, they just wanted to say one thing. The whole waiting is so stupid (I agree). That this would not happen if that situation happened in their country (maybe not??). Oh well, I am just quiet. Adding to the angry people won’t make things better. Finally, after more waiting, a few have cancelled their trip; and after a few cursing and shouting from the passengers, the line started moving and we are being asked to spend our time waiting in the lounge bar at the 4th floor of the airport as our flight is scheduled to leave at 1235pm. Again, we are offered free food and drinks from the lounge while waiting.

KLM flight 804 to Amsterdam, 1245pm, Manila, but inside the plane… finally.

The plane is almost half empty. So many people have cancelled their flight and some have chosen to leave via another airline – through KLMs efforts anyway. They have announced before takeoff that the flight was delayed because the part needed to repair the engine was not located right away. They have inquired first within Asia only to end up finding one in France. Of course, the part has to be brought from France to Manila, thus the long period of delay.

KL804, 720pm, Amsterdam Schiphol airport. Now I can really say.. FINALLY.

Lessons to be learned from this.. hmmm… I think most people do this now. Always carry spare clothes in your hand luggage. Don’t go extra shopping if you can avoid it as there is a big chance of excess baggage on your way back to your country. What else.. always carry loads of patience with you :)
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wouternet says:
Well, in March I'm coming to Manila with KLM. using flight 803 from Amsterdam and I'm returning with flight 804 from Manila to Amsterdam. So, I hope the same thing is not going to happen to me.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2008
tvillingmarit says:
Patience, patience, patience is the most important ting when your flight is delayed. And after 24 hour, as I did, look the KLM staff right in the eyes and demand action now. My eyes get black when I`m angry. Well it worked for me. 24 hour deleyd I got a flight to Kulala Lumpur, a flight that was full bocked. Wonder what the passangeres that had to leave the plain thought about me and my friend........
Posted on: Dec 16, 2007
ted332 says:
memories.... una kong longhaul flight experience KLM. :):)
Posted on: Dec 04, 2007

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