Jurong Bird Park

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2 Jurong Hill, Singapore, Singapore
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Jurong Bird Park Singapore Reviews

fr3ddiboi fr3ddiboi
9 reviews
The Lory Birds Are Great! Jun 28, 2011
It’s easy to get to the bird park, get on the MRT to Boon Lay and then grab the bus from the bus interchange. From the City it is a long journey to get there but if you like birds then this is definitely the place for you. They have a large selection of birds varying from birds of prey, macaws, flamingos, owls and the list goes on.

My personal favourite when at the bird pack was the Lory bird enclosure. You can get some food and when enter and when you start walking around it’s not too long before the multicoloured birds start flocking to you to get their beaks on the food that you’ve been provided. It’s quite a large loft so you can get to walk around and see all the different variety of birds.

The tram is a good way to see the bird park, but it’s easy enough to walk around from section to section.
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msp651 msp651
3 reviews
Great outing: don't miss the pelican feeding Jul 17, 2011
I rarely go to zoo's, safaris and so on, but this bird park was great: tremendous variety with a lot of the birds roaming freely. The pelican feeding was great: it gets crowded but you can still sneak in for a couple of great views/shots.
stefan88 stefan88
15 reviews
Well laid out park Sep 18, 2010
The Jorong Bird Park is easily reachable by public transportation, I took the MRT to Boon Lay and then switched to the bus.

There are some animal shows like in the zoo but for me they have not been as good as the ones in the Singapore zoo.

Nevertheless, you can spend the whole day in this park. There are lots of birds ranging from very small to very large ones and most of them can move freely through the park.

The park is laid out very well, there are some nice areas that are covered by water and a very large waterfall made man.

I liked the small stretch of water that was full of flamingos.

I visited the Jurong Bird Park as the 3rd station of the so called "Park Hopper Ticket" that includes the zoo and night safari too (you'll safe some money compared to buying the tickets separately) and would definetly recommend it to anyone visiting Singapore.
TradewindsHD Tradewin…
7 reviews
May 20, 2007
Just off the beaten path is a place so tranquil and pleasing to the eye, that you may forget all about the schedule you’re on as you fall in love with all the most charismatic fowl you may have never known existed.

The Jurong Bird Park on Singapore’s eastern side reflects the majesty and excellence that is represented in the Singapore Open Zoo and Night Safari. Their claim to having the world’s largest walk-in bird aviary and the tallest man-made waterfall will definitely go uncontested by many of its visitors, as there are so many wonderful distractions. Curious birds often perch on your head and shoulders, and the openness of the displays is captivating.

The well thought-out walking route for viewing the over 9000 birds belonging to 600 different species may take a casual half-day. You can enjoy lunch and get lost in your imagination, almost believing that you are in the birds’ indigenous homes, thanks to the perfectly designed natural settings of the displays. You may even get a close-up glimpse of some of the 30 endangered species raised in the park’s captive breeding program.

If you’re traveling with kids, be prepared for non-stop excitement and a close-up educational exposure that I haven’t seen outside of Singapore’s zoological programs.

While you’re inside these huge aviaries, the birds are far from shy. They pose for pictures, attack any food you may have mistakenly brought in, or just hang on for a ride while you take in the sights.

The best part about seeing the park with the kids was that when they grew tired of walking, the tram that circumnavigated the park was a perfectly air-conditioned retreat.

As far as I could see or hear, the only downside was not that bad. A nearby military base was doing takeoff and landing maneuvers, but even that was entertaining.

If you go:

*Singapore, in my opinion has no mild season, its always hot, plus the park has many shade trees and cooling stations so don’t worry.

*The Jurong Bird Park is not directly accessible by the MRT, but the yellow M line

“Boon Lay” station gets close, then take the 194/251 bus or choose a short taxi ride.

I recommend just taking a taxi from wherever you are, as it’s cheap enough.

*Check out all the details at www.BirdPark.com.sg , $14 bucks gets you in and the park is open from 9am to 6pm, 7 days a week.
The birds love dance
2 ride alongs while I was shooting…
Looking down on the tree tops
Bella and I crossing the bridges f…
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56 reviews
Jurong Bird Park Nov 23, 2007
The largest bird park in Southeast Asia and a home to over 8000 birds of some 600 species. The highlights of Jurong are the:

1) largest collection of Southeast Asian Hornbills and South American Toucans.

2) the second largest Penguin exhibit in the world.

3) The world's highest man made water fall

4) A shows at the amphitheater where a number of birds show off their skills and tricks

5) The Lory Loft where you can walk among a thousand lorikeets inside the aviary! Perhaps this was my favorite area of the park

This is such a great diversion from all the shopping and sight-seeing in Singapore, the park is quite relaxing and the birds are simply exciting to see. Oh, and there's Ben and Jerry's at the park too! Yum!

It is best to buy a park hoppers' special admissions ticket (includes the singapore zoo and night safari) where you can get to see all parks for just S$40 (adult) than a single park entrance for S$18 (Adult) each.
no bird flu here
lory loft
penguin parade
the ugliest bird i ever did see
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RenieMaria RenieMar…
7 reviews
Not quite like a zoo Jul 16, 2007
I'm not really the zoo kind of person. I like nature parks better where animals are kept in their natural habitat. This park is quite like that. Most birds fly free and you can feed them mostly as well. I loved the birdpark because it is full of life and inhabits extremely beautiful and lovely birds.

I remember walking around the park with my head in my nack: just looking to the sky above with all the birds!

A must is seeing a show while you're there. Expecially as a tourist it is fun. I was picked out of a crowd because I was white and blonde and I participated in the show :) I had a parrot fly through a hoop :)

The birdpark is a great alternative to a regular zoo :)
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Raches Raches
25 reviews
Aug 28, 2006
We managed to make our way from downtown to the bird park using public transport with little hassle, and this was in a group of 8, including four children. Before we even made it into the park itself, we had to have a bite at Bongos Burgers which is right outside the entrace and serves up some pretty good burgers, although it's pricier than your average burger joint.The park is well set out, and you can get on or off the panorail at any of the stations around the park (it costs extra though). There is a huge aviary full of lorikeets of all sorts, and a bonus is that you can feed them - a dollar or two will buy you a little cup of syrup that will attract the nearest lory, or perhaps two. Good photo opportunity. The lorys are beautifully coloured, too. There's a penguin house, where you can view them as they dive under the water as well as on land (although I felt the penguin house was rather on the small side). I was disappointed that the hornbills & toucans section featured only two toucan displays, and the toucans must have been hiding. At least at the pelican lake, you could get pretty close to the big birds. We watched a pelican show and the kids (my cousins) enjoyed throwing dead fish into the lake for the pelicans to eat. They also got to feed live worms to the starlings and bee-eaters (what pretty birds they all are!).There was a fat, pretty blue crowned pigeon wandering around on the loose, obviously escaped from his pen. The highlight for me was the Birds of Prey show - some of these birds are huuuge, and are trained to fly incredibly close over the heads of the audience. There is a very similar bird show in Sydney's Taronga Zoo, but I still really enjoyed it. I did, however, feel that the cages where the birds of prey were kept (who weren't part of the show) were too small.There was more to see, but you get the idea. It might not have as much variety as the zoo, but even kids will be impressed by the variety of birds that exist out there.
Feeding lorikeets.
Stumbling across an unexpected cre…
This savvy pigeon stole my little …
tashgorgeous tashgorg…
30 reviews
A feathered, family-friendly treat Mar 28, 2006
Jurong is located on the western side of Singapore and can be easily accessible by bus. There is also a shuttle bus that brings you directly to the site.

At the entrace, you will be given a brochure/map of the attractions and will help you navigate through the entire park.

One can either walk or traverse the place by a train that has several stops within the park. I would recommend walking though, for a full exploration of the place and to see the different species.

I especially enjoyed the dark room of the owls and the habitat of the penguins. The park made the closed environment very similar to the actual habitat of those animals, and it gives you a similar feeling.

There are also shows in the ampitheater. The schedule can be found on your map and is announced through the sound system. We saw a very cute parrot show, where a bunch of parrots can do several tricks.

Souvenirs in the park as well as food.
The train inside the bird park
Inside the penguin habitat

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