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Oct 23, 2007
Hi Alygally..

Iv'e been to Kenya, rally it's a dream coming true.

(sorry for my enlish, it's not so good) maby you should read my blog about kenya then you get to know what I did in kenya..

the most beautifull things to see in kenya are : Masai mara, It's like 4 hours in a bus (with every safari that't the deal, you'll get used to it, you will spend a long time in that bus but when you are there to go on safari it's amazing, i realy can't explain. but in the busses it's not very hard to sit that long because you see beautifull things aroun you) Nakuru lake,tsavo were also the kilimonjaro is and it's next to tanzania.. i don't know if you want to go to kenya and to tanzania but i only did kenya..

well a safari of 10 days or less is nice to do.. if you want to stay longer than that in kenya you could go to Mombasa. It's on the beach and it's beautifull there. i went to hotel Bamburi (very nice hotel) I went to Wasini island also.. that's an beautifull island where people life from water what only comes from the rain, so they don't have much water. When you go to there you could help them like i did. Malindi with a bus is also nice to do, it's near-by mombasa. well if you have more questions i would like to hear because i went to much places on the world but this were my most beautifull place iv'e been. they are the most beautifull memories i have!

Bye bye Juliette from Holland
Masai mara
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