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62 Emily Place, Auckland, New Zealand

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ducatirider ducatiri…
2 reviews
Close to all the activities and the transportation Mar 31, 2015
I recently stayed at Jucy Hotel in Auckland, NZ. Although it is more like a backpacker hotel, it has very comfortable beds, decent sized rooms, clean Shared Bathrooms, and extremely nice and friendly front desk staff from different cultural backgrounds who can speak multiple languages. They will make sure to make you feel right at home. If you have any questions about the city or need directions or recommendations, you can stop by at the front desk and ask any of these friendly host who will be happy to help you out with the information you need. Overall great clean place for the price you are paying. The only bad thing is that Internet is not included and is separate and could be a bit pricey for a longer stay.
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trippinginnederland tripping…
60 reviews
Very dirty and not worth it. Jun 27, 2012
Back in February 2012 we rented a car from Jucy Car Rental and dropped off the car in Auckland. There was a free shuttle ride to the Jucy Hotel for those staying there. Honestly to speak, why is it a 'hotel' when we have to share bathrooms, toilets and there are even dormitories. Yes, there are some rooms with their own bathrooms. Pretty much it should be known as a hostel instead.

It is a dark grey building with JUCY in green and outside the entrance, there's a small window whereby they sold coffee at specific timings. When you enter JUCY, the lobby looked rather chique with their own theme colours, green, magenta and dark grey. A computer area located up a flight of stairs where there are PCs available (you can do nothing much there because you need to pay in order to surf the Internet). Check-in is from 2PM but there's a possibility that you may check-in at 12:30PM. If not, you could leave your luggage/s in the luggage room.

If you would like to use the toilet, you'll need to ask because there isn't a signage around to show you where exactly it is. There are vending machines located downstairs where the carpark is. They have chips/snacks and drinks in those machines. Parking costs NZ$15 per day. Brochures can be found at the lobby so you can browse and there is a sitting area for you to surf the Internet (if you paid) or chit-chat with others. It isn't too far away from the office, in fact it is just outside the soundproof office (The Jucy Headquarters). The place is slightly like a maze with different corridors leading you to different types of rooms. On the same level as the computer area and luggage room, there's a door whereby you could enter and check out for Room 17. I wished they would leave a sign on the door as 'Pantry' so the guests will know. You can use the kitchen (which isn't clean and has a kind of stench lingering) and not too far is the lounge where you could sit down on the cushy couch and watch the television. There are some books and magazines for you to read.

We arrived there too early thus, we left our luggage in the luggage room. The blonde receptionist didn't seem welcoming to her guests. Somehow she resembled like some evil-sexy villain in those movies where she'd be killed after that. We went to a mini park just across the road where there are benches to sit. We ate there and waited for the time to pass. Then we entered the hotel again. I needed to visit the lavatory and I was quite lost at first trying to find it because there's no signage! Luckily, we could check in and we were told that we got Room 6 and just walk up the stairs. Sorry to say, no elevator for those with heavy and big luggages who'll be staying on that level/floor which we'd stayed.


Surprise surprise! The room looked nice and very simple indeed. IKEA style bunk beds: queen-size below and single-size above. Rather low whereby my guy kept bumping his poor head. There are quilts with covers but we didn't use them. They provided towels and a sachet of shampoo and a bar of soap. An oval-shaped mirror with magenta coloured frame. A magenta side table. A push-up-and-down window at the head of the bed. Very noisy when pushing it down and since the window isn't that big and there's only one, there isn't any good air circulation. You'll have to open the door. Talk about privacy. By the way, the queen-size bed has no headrest thus, do expect your pillows to move back and back until it drops whilst you're asleep. Mattress is fine but the pillows are quite flat. As Room 6 is located at the end of the corridor, next to the room is a balcony, there is a glass-paned door in the room but it is sealed. There's a curtain so make sure it isn't peekable. People tend to sit outside at the balcony to smoke and talk. Good and bad thing about being located near the bathrooms and toilets, you don't have to dash for it as the distance is short but you get no privacy when you leave the door open to get some well air-circulation going into your room. The rooms are carpeted but it did feel a little weird walking on it as it felt quite sticky comparing to the part underneath the bed, which wasn't.


I forgot to mention that this 'hotel' was opened on 12th August 2010. In our minds, it is new thus it must be really clean and well maintained. Apparently, we're very wrong about that thus, our dream bubble had burst. It was really filthy and no one has any idea when was the last time it was cleaned! For goodness sake, do you know how they do the cleaning? They just vacuum the carpets along the corridor and change the floormats in the bathrooms. That was it. They don't clean the sinks and even the showers. These are my complaints, the edges of the shower aren't cleaned; the faucets are faulty because you can't turn them tight (water will still drip); the shower head is small and dirty; the floor is horrifically dirty and when it is wet, boy it does get slippery. The shower is quite high for my height of 1.5m thus, I had to lift my leg up high to get in and when I get out, I had to be careful not to fall. It was the feeling of going through a momentum of banging into the wall when you get out of it due to the space between the shower door and the wall - difficult to express in words but I tried. The good thing about toilets being separated from the bathrooms which means, no one has to wait when someone's taking a shower. Unfortunately, this is my first time in my life I'd come across this, there's no sink in the toilet. Imagine the person before you, doing his/her business and then wiping and no sink to wash the hands. After that, unlocking the door and then you have to use the toilet and touching that lock. Can you imagine how horrific that is? It is disgusting and what more this is Auckland, New Zealand! Not China or Africa or some other countries. I failed to mention that the toilet brush is also utterly disgusting as it was rusty.

Usually, I like to shower but when I was staying there, I was never looking forward to it. In fact I was wondering if I could stay unshowered for 3 days (since we were staying there for 3 nights). Naturally, I couldn't do that and on my second night there was a small fly in the shower. Splashed water at it to let it washed down but it landed on my left boob. Guess what? I had to smack it on my boob and see it being washed down into the drain. Not a nice thing. The shower was dirty enough to attract interesting New Zealand flying creatures to stay there. My guy even found a dead worm in the shower.

My guy had snapped some shots of the bathrooms, dried shower with strains of hair stuck on the wall of the shower (hadn't been clean for ages as you could see the dusty accumulated on the floor of the shower). Very dirty floor and paint peeling off the ceiling. After uploading the photos to his laptop, he went down to see the manager and had a talk. What we had found out was that the building is at least 100-year-old and also claimed that they hadn't forgotten about the bathrooms and toilets. They had done up the rooms and corridors but didn't do much to the bathrooms and toilets. The manager was rather disappointed to see such photos. He shouldn't be since he's always walking around so he should know. You could tell that he wasn't hot on the heels of his employees. My guy showed some photos of EasyHotels in Europe and Tune Hotels in Asia just to give suggestions. As the room is big enough to accomodate a small bathroom (including a toilet bowl). The manager said that they did consider but the piping would be a problem. In my opinion, it seemed like a ridiculous excuse and this is the 21st century. There are WAY older buildings than this and I have seen some of them. An old-historical monastry that was turned to a prestigious hotel and a cathedral that was turned into a bookstore. You can't tell us this kind of reason looking at the century we're in now.

The manager told him that downstairs they're already doing up the bathrooms and toilets. For now they only repainted and installed new sinks. We don't know how much renovation will be done to the bathrooms and toilets. It is a sad thing that this has to take place during our stay and not before. In fact, all of these should have been done during the renovation of the rooms and the entire building. I don't understand why it had to take them over a year for them to touch on the bathrooms and toilets.

We don't mind that the bathrooms and toilets are old but anything that is old can still be maintained well and also be cleaned regularly. It goes to show that the standards of cleanliness in this place is really intolerable. I wonder to myself, even when they had done up the bathrooms and toilets, will they still be able to maintain the new-look and maintain the cleanliness? Or is it going to be a landslide of disappointment and utter waste of money to pay such employees and having to do up the bathrooms and toilets? Like everyone knows, being unhygienic can never be an excuse; in fact it is one of the most important things that everyone looks forward to a good stay, followed by services of course.


I'm sorry to say but there's NO FREE WiFi in this place. It cost NZ$3 per hour which is very expensive. What more the speed in New Zealand is very slow so, you're surely going to waste your money. There is no television in the rooms but only in the stinky pantry where there's a lounge. Other form of entertainment, you have to create it yourself or find them. We went to a nice shop whereby we bought small games to play (since Auckland is a boring city to us).


This is the first time, I'd seen an accommodation place that displays their own norms on the wall (located next to the door of the office). I liked to read it and then relating them to the staffs working there. Some of them do carry some of the norms but some don't even. I have to compliment one staff who's working there, and his name is Paulo. He's from Brazil, he holds all of the norms, this place is really lucky to have him. He does his job well, he showed the guest where the room is at, he wouldn't mind spending his time to chat with the guests (when they need to). He's very helpful and opened. In our opinion, we would say that he deserves a better place which is also fun for him.

The other receptionists working other shifts aren't as motivated as he is. Example the deadly-sexy looking blonde lady who seems rather cold and another who did the midnight shift wasn't good at all. There was no initiative. Why? There were people who came from other parts of New Zealand and perhaps other countries to attend these concerts. That particular night, after the concert there were people still talking loudly at around 12 plus at night. There are signs in the bedroom and on the door that it should be quiet after 10PM considering for other guests. People still talking loudly and such, banging the doors when they closed them. Seriously, these guests were a whole lot of incorrigible people with no sense of consideration. My guy was seated in the lobby trying to surf the Internet when he saw one of the guests, having to go to the receptionist and telling him to do something about the noise. I wasn't around there because this was told by my guy but from the room that I was in, I did hear a man saying 'Excuse me!' loudly. According to my guy, he told the lot who were talking aloud just outside the entrance of the 'hotel', to leave or he'll have to call the police. In fact the lobby was smelling of weed, coming from those people outside as my guy could smell it. After the people had left, on the level that we're staying, there was a knocked out drunk man sitting on the floor on the other end of the corridor. I didn't feel safe, I needed to use the toilet and so my guy stood outside the toilet just for me.


- Unisex bathrooms, thus no need to wait a long time

- Toilets are separated from the bathrooms

- Bedroom is fine and clean

- We had considerate neighbours for the first two nights but not on the third

- Signages of keeping it quiet after 10PM and try not to bang the doors

- The vending machines' items were at reasonable pricing

- Trashbin was lined with plastic bag

- Walkable distance to the City Centre


- Unmotivated staffs (except one)

- Dirty bathrooms and toilets; hardly been cleaned

- Toilets don't have sinks

- Faulty faucets which keep leaking

- Paint peeling off from ceiling; pretty much the bathroom seems like it is falling apart

- Floor is dirty and slippery with an oily feeling to it

- Shower is horrific and high

- Terribly expensive and slow WiFi; NZ$3 per hour

- Parking cost NZ$15 per day

- No check-in after 10PM

- Insects starting to find the bathrooms and toilets as their new home

- No proper signage for some places like where the toilet is (for those waiting to check-in when they come too early) and the signage on the door for the pantry (thus other guests will know that they can use it and know that is the pantry)

- No reading lights for those who want to read in the rooms

- No proper air circulation in the room

- They could do something about the locks of the rooms; they don't look safe and seem like they're easily to break into the rooms

- NZ$3 for 500ml of bottled water

We would like to rate this 'hotel' at 2 out of 5. It cost us NZ$191.25 for 3 nights including a discount because we rented a car from JUCY. No, we're definitely not returning but as for now, the bathrooms and toilets are awful. Hopefully after the renovation of them, we hope they'll be maintained that way with that new-look and cleanliness. If the manager can get his staffs to be dilligent and dedicated, I believe this place will get its rate increased in the future (instead of my 2/5 rating).
Dirty shower door
The bathroom floor
Almost falling apart ceiling.
Hair in the shower. Bleah!
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monky says:
Congrats on your featured review!:)
Posted on: Jul 04, 2012
trippin_jen says:
Wow! Looks like this hotel is quite 'balanced' in terms of pros and cons. Haha! Thanks for the helpful and informative review! And congrats on being featured!
Posted on: Jul 04, 2012
Glynnes says:
Congrats on being Today's Featured Travel Review.
Posted on: Jul 04, 2012
mac_cas mac_cas
4 reviews
Cheap accommodation in the city Apr 12, 2012
This accommodation is in such a handy location. It is just around the corner from the Vector Arena (something we only realised after the concert, after we had taken the long way there) and close to the CBD, clubs etc... And, at such an affordable price!

Continental breakfast was very good and part of the price of the room (as far as I can remember). Admittedly, it doesn't look that nice at first, but the rooms are very nice for their price.

The service there is pretty good. Receptionist was very friendly and welcoming.
starjang starjang
4 reviews
Great location, mediocre room Jun 29, 2011
The location of the hotel is fantastic but the room left something to be desired. It was really small and the bathrooms that I shared (there are en suites available) had mold on the ceiling of the bathrooms which is just a wee bit unsettling when you're trying to shower.

Overall if it's just for a couple of nights? I'd do it again.
Purdy Purdy
37 reviews
Jul 04, 2007
We stayed at Aspen House - Emily Place in Auckland and it was great - inexpensive, double room with private facilities. It included breakfast in the rate - bread and preserves tea and coffee - enough to get you started.

There were cheap laundry facilities to - something like NZ$10 for a bag of laundry - you left in before 11pm and it was returned to you washed and ironed before 10am the next morning - couldnt fault it!

It is also on the air link bus stop route which picks up at the domestic and international terminals in Auckland drops off at various hostels/hotels enroute (the driver will tell you where to go very helpful) and will leave you back to the airport.

Jucy Hotel Amenities

  • High-speed Internet
  • Restaurant
  • Parking
  • Disabled Access
  • Tour Desk
  • 24 Hour Reception
  • Air Conditioned
  • Multilingual Staff
  • Connecting Rooms
  • Coffee / Tea Maker
  • Hair Dryer
  • TV
  • Excursions
  • Garden
  • Photocopier
  • Desk
  • Facsimile
  • Disabled Parking
  • Wheel Chair Access
  • Internet Connection (wireless)
  • Shared Bathroom
  • En suite
  • Private Bathroom
  • Luggage Storage
  • Vending Machines
  • Paid Parking

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