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One of the first things that comes to mind when people think of the country Jordan is the ancient Nabatean city of Petra. The fabled “city of rose, half as old as time itself”, has long been depicted as one of the world's most famous sights, and today is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. But there is a great deal more to this nearly-land-locked Middle Eastern country than meets the eye. Certainly more than just the ancient ruins of one city, regardless of how majestic it might be.

Bordered by Israel, the West Bank, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and a snippet of the Dead Sea, Jordan is considered one of the safest and easiest places for travelers to begin their experience of the Middle East. The people are genuinely hospitable and the country lacks the political and religious problems of many of its neighbors, which makes it the perfect place to begin your Middle Eastern journey. There are dozens of cities to choose from, such as Zarqa, Irbid, or Aqaba, but the most likely candidate for exploration is Amman, the capital of the kingdom.

Jordan is a country which boasts not only Western ties and plenty of luxurious accommodations and transportation, but also a plethora of historically significant sights and sounds. There are multiple Roman ruins, Crusader castles, ancient biblical sites such as the place where Jesus was baptized or where Moses first cast eyes on the Promised Land, and remnants of the ancient Nabatean empire, but it all mixes together with modernity in such a way that leaves visitors breathless. From the 15th century stone village at the Dana Nature Reserve to the resort city of Aqaba, the melding of the two is virtually seamless.

The best way to visit the country is through guided tours, and it is generally considered wise to travel with a companion. The only unsafe part of the country is the border with Iraq, and between the food, the culture, and the history, you will be hard-pressed to pack it all into just one trip.

Amman #1 most popular location
While the city has never boasted a vast array of Islamic antiquities or history delving back over the centuries like several of its Middle Eastern cousins, Amman is nevertheless an important …
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Petra #2 most popular location
A breathtaking and rustic capital, Petra – if it were not for being in the little known corner of Arabia that is Jordan – would probably be acclaimed along side the likes of Cairo and Rom…
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Aqaba #3 most popular location
Aqaba is more like a western city than a Middle Eastern City. It is a busy, clean, and safe appearing city. There is much new construction going on in Aqaba and the city seems very properous.…
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Wadi Rum #4 most popular location
The vast, seemingly endless desert of Wadi Rum holds many wonders that may be missed at first glance! Book yourself a tour of the desert at Wadi Rum Village. There are many options, from ca…
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Dead Sea #5 most popular location
HISTORY "Dead Sea is as old as the Jordan rift vally, part of the well known Syrian – African rift. Some say it is 60000 years old, some say less some say more, but this doesn't affect …
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Madaba #6 most popular location
Madaba, is the capital city of Madaba Governorate in central Jordan, which has a population of about 60,000. It is best known for its Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics, especially a large Byzanti…
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Jerash #7 most popular location
Walking into Jerash will take you out of the Middle East and bring you into the Roman Empire! The city, known as Gerasa during the days of Roman occupation, is one of the best preserved Roma…
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Wadi Musa #8 most popular location
Wadi Musa, also known as Little Petra. It is the town that sits at the gate to the world famous site of Petra. This town offers many hotels for all prices and tastes, one of which even has a …
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Karak #9 most popular location
Karak is a small town named after a crusaders castle perched high on a hill top. The city itself stems from biblical times, when it was known as Kir or Moab. As it lay along an important …
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Mount Nebo #10 most popular location
Dana #11 most popular location
People sometimes talk about 'off-the-beaten-path' destinations, and then you show up and there is a McDonalds & an Irish bar already there... Dana is truly off-the-beaten-path. Whenever yo…
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Suweimah #12 most popular location
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Bethany #13 most popular location
Azraq #14 most popular location
Pella #15 most popular location
As Salt #16 most popular location
Qasr Kharana #17 most popular location
Al-Quwayrah #18 most popular location
Wadi as Sir #19 most popular location
Qsar Amra #20 most popular location