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Þjóðvegur, Jokulsarlon, Iceland

Jökulsárlón Jokulsarlon Reviews

wagslikeadog wagslike…
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Iceberg Lagoon May 16, 2012
Along the Ring Road about 60km east of Skaftafell is the iceberg lagoon of Jokulsarlon. It's directly connected to the road so you can't miss it.

Essentially, it's a glacier-fed lake that has icebergs of all sizes floating around and grounded in the water and eventually drift out to sea at the mouth of the lagoon. It was a freezing cold day in May when I visited, but there were still lots of people milling about. There is no entrance fee to walk down to the water's edge to gawk and gaze at the 'bergs as they stand guard in the water.

The surrounding mountains and glaciers are also fantastic looking on a clear day, which it was when I was there. You can walk right around the lagoon if you have time or pay to take an amphibious boat ride amongst the ice. There were birds bobbing around in the water and a sea lion showed up too. I was lucky enough to see a giant ice-slab flip over and expose its brilliant blue underside to the bright morning light.

There's a poor excuse for a small cafe in the parking lot with tacky souvenirs, coffee and soup, but no one comes here for that. It's all about the 'bergs, baby. Bring your camera and be prepared to bundle up in cold weather as the wind whistling down across the glaciers can be bone-chilling. A must-see sight in Iceland! The pictures don't do it justice.
wagslikeadog says:
I'm happy that I could be of assistance...And thanks for all of the smiles too! :)
Posted on: May 18, 2012
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arcticz arcticz
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Ice-filled experience in Iceland Jun 28, 2010
This glacial lagoon, located on the southern coast of Iceland, is certainly one of the most beautiful and inspiring sites in Iceland. People dreaming of seeing icebergs floating in water will not only have their dream fulfilled at this site, but also have the chance to take a cruise among them in amphibian boats departing near the shore of the lake. There is no shortage of ice here, as the giant Vatnajökull glacier is generous in calving of icebergs. The boat cruise operators will also give you the chance to taste some of the ancient ice floating in the lake. While you may not get the chance to touch these icebergs in person in the frigid water, a short distance from the visitor center you can come face-to-face with some of these that made their way to the volcanic sand on the sea shore. The place is somewhat expensive to get to on a day trip from the capital, but if you happen to be driving along the Ring Road you can get to the site for free and pay only if you need to take the boat tour.
hauteboy hauteboy
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Amazing iceberg lake Nov 20, 2010
On the southern coast of Iceland near Hofn, Jökulsárlón is a huge glacial lake filled with icebergs. The outlet to the sea is too narrow for most of the icebergs until they melt so they stay confined within the lake. In the summer there are boat tours out into the lake. Several movies including Tomb Raider and James Bond have been filmed here. It was also a stop in season 6 of the Amazing Race. It's quite a long drive from Reykjavik, if visiting Jökulsárlón it is best to spend the night somewhere in between.
Dr_Seuss Dr_Seuss
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Iceberg Lagoon Jul 01, 2008
One of the great sights in Iceland, but only been there for about 50 years as the glacier retreated creating the lagoon. The icebergs are created from bit of the glacier breaking off, and create a fantastic sight with the different shapes and the way the light hits them.

We had decided to to the tour round the lagoon on the amphibious vehicle. Was fairly busy, as it is a destination for bus tours from Reykjavic, and we were given a time for ours.

Nice sailing round the bergs, and they give you a history and geography lesson as well. Part of it is bringing out the bits of ice, with the big 'build up' that it is in fact snow and rain that fell thousands of years ago.

Seems almost impossible to take enough photographs here, as it's all so very different. It did however serve as a warning as to how quickly things can change in Iceland, and by now we were into July :O.

As we were out on the lagoon the wind picked up and the skies darkened. Started getting really choppy. After getting ashore we did have a look about the gift shop, before taking the car down to the beach, just the other side of the bridge.

By the time we had got down there, the storm was in full force, and my daughter and I refused to even get out of the car :D

My wife and son went onto the beach to look at the remenats of ice that had been washed back up by the sea.

Definately one of the must sees in Iceland, and, if you have time, to do the sail in the lagoon.
Ice Berg Flow At Jokulsarlon
Blue Ice Berg
Bridge On The Ring Road
Ice Pile
Jökulsárlón Map
photo by: maka77