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For the ladies Apr 21, 2012
For any woman of any age travelling alone in Cuba it is important to know about how the hustlers operate. Also known as the "jineteros" these men are very charming and will use every trick in the book to convince women that they are genuine when all they are looking for is either a quick visa out of there or a quick buck. This doesn't apply to every Cuban man I am sure but it is important for girls to have their wits about them because it's very rare that they are as genuine as they say they are. Most of these men usually have women and children at home and they actually go out to the night clubs to earn their brass. The victims of Jineteros tend to be older female tourists travelling alone.

The Jinetero is relatively easy to spot. He will usually be lurking around bars and clubs and wearing a hideous outfit. He will ask you to dance then offer you a drink (which you will end up paying for) and then he will attach himself to you for the rest of the night. He will serenade you with his moves and more than likely, you probably can't dance salsa for sh!!, so you will drink far too many mojitos, and all of a sudden this sweaty man in his utterly ridiculous ensemble will seem attractive. Then he will promise you the moon and the stars and if you have brain cells, you will sober up and find a way to ditch him by the end of the night (or the following day) but if you happen to be lacking these useful little units in your head then I feel sorry for you! Just try to maintain some self respect and don't empty your bank account on him.
hvera001 says:
Spot on...
Posted on: Apr 23, 2012
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