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Muzium Laman Padi, Langkawi, Malaysia

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The food or the view? Jan 03, 2012
-Dined on 1 January 2012-

On the second day of my holiday in Langkawi, as I was going through some brochures in my chalet room on a rainy morning, I came across one on this restaurant. The brochure carried one whole page of positive reviews from past customers extracted from Trip Advisor and so I thought I should try out that place.

I walked into the restaurant with very high expectations. The brochure already served me with an idea of what to expect so I could safely say I was on my way to a laidback, nice, comfortable and relaxing place that would serve me first class food. And not to mention, very good service from its staff too.

First, a poorly maintained entrance led me to a not so bright corridor. There was nobody in sight, so I started to wonder if I was entering through a smaller or back or side entrance of the restaurant. The corridor ended at an area like a living room of an old banglo which came equipped with a few leather couches and coffee tables. They all looked so old they could hardly escape their true age. The interior looked very dark, maybe due to cloudy weather. I walked pass the living room and came to the dining area. Here, it was brighter as it was pretty exposed to natural light. Actually, I have to say it was quite a lovely place! I took the table at the side, by the paddy field. I loved the scenery! The view was vivid green! It provided a very refreshing sight. So the comments I read about the place were true after all and I was so glad I visited.

From what I read, the restaurant was run by a family of 4 to 5 very friendly and attentive members so when I was greeted by a young lady upon taking my seat, it was not very difficult for me to tell if she was part of the family. I browsed through the menu and decided to order chicken chop and fresh pineapple juice for my lunch. The lady came to take my order without me having to wait long, although she looked very busy moving from one table to another, attending to 8 other customers all by herself. I specifically asked for vegetable to substitute french fries. She had no problem with my request. As she was about to take the menu away from me after that, I asked that she leaves the menu with me because I was interested on writing a review of her restaurant. She looked delighted and replied with a thank you.

While waiting for my meal, I took every opportunity to snap pictures of the restaurant. The setting was simple but pretty, to match the laidback lifestyle of Langkawi. The slow English songs that were played on the background weren't any from the current fad. The quiet surrounding only allowed some focus on the sound from the music and the occasional chuckles from the customers. The view of the green field was simply fantastic. I could never get bored sitting there quietly watching as the bees flew around some ripe paddies and the heron moving gently among the greens to find food from the puddles. The drizzle added to the scene, some calming effects.

After a while, I became increasingly hungry but I forced myself to stay patient until food was served. First came my pineapple juice. Then, after 25 minutes of waiting, my chicken chop eventually surfaced. To me, 25 minutes of wait time was quite long especially when I could see that all the other tables already had their food served the moment I arrived. My, sluggish service was slowly showing.

The dish looked promising and I was happy I could finally eat. Not long after I had my first few bites, as I cut the chicken deeper into the bones, I noticed that the inner parts of the meat was uncooked! HUH?! I was served with a semi-cooked chicken chop! So was that what I was supposed to get after all the waiting? It was natural for me to try to recollect my thoughts, to make clear if I ordered steak instead of chop in the first place. No! I was very sure I ordered chop.

I waved to the lady who served me, to come over to my table. Ok, just in case you want to know, I was very hungry at that time. And I already couldn't wait to start my journey to Kuah town and come back to my chalet before the sky turned dark. It was around 2:25pm at that time and I had hoped to spend enough time exploring Kuah. I managed to stay as composed as I could when I raised the issue to the lady. At the same time, I made sure that my facial expression would not need a rocket scientist to know that I was unhappy with what was served (evil!). She was surprised. I began to doubt the positive comments on Trip Advisor. Lady apologised and explained to me that they were lacking of workers, so "this is what happens". She told me that she'd have my plate changed and immediately took it away. To me, as a customer, my role was just to dine and pay for the food. I didn't have to know what kind of problems the restaurant was facing, although I'd prefer to hear what difficulties they had been through and what solutions they had adopted and applied to correct things. Or rather, I only wanted service rendered.

Alright, she took my plate away..... I asked myself, would I need to wait for another 25 minutes??? (shucks!). At that time, images of Kuah town started to run through my mind. I knew I had to buy some stuff from Kuah so I MUST go to Kuah no matter what. I couldn't let the restaurant hold me up. I allowed her some time to change the plate after which the time was up, I would prepare myself to tell her that I was taking a move and I'd just pay for the drink and a small amount for the little chunks of chicken I took (only the cooked parts, of course!). While waiting, I overheard the lady apologising to her customers at a few tables as she served, because the restaurant was lacking of manpower. I just rolled my eyes. I waited for a while, like 10 minutes, maybe... then the owner, Jimmy, appeared with the remaining of the chicken that I earlier had and extra vegetables. This time, the chicken was 100% cooked! Thank God for that. But... he did not apologise. I expected Jimmy, as the owner of the restaurant, to say something, but he did not except for 'let me get the tools for you'. He looked very joyful as he served me (I think I heard him humming, even) like nothing ever happened. I don't know, if you ask me, people from the service industry should at least try to interact with their customers to understand them and get feedback or in my case, sincerely apologise for the uncooked piece of meat. Just my humble opinion, one has to go the extra mile to survive in any business. I guess, maybe all those rave reviews about the restaurant on Trip Advisor in which Jimmy's business partly depend on them, had pumped into him a high level of confidence that his restaurant would forever remain at top 13th spot among many? Well, I hope he would not be overly confident. If service does not improve, people would flee one day and the business would collapse.

I finished my food very quickly and asked for the bill. The lady came with the bill in the signing pad and left to do other things before coming back to me again after some time. Again, she was slow. She eventually arrived at my table, collected the signing pad with my monies in it and left the pad on the cashier to do other things again. She did not open the pad to count the monies to settle the change with me, instead, she just left it there. Oh boy.... she made me wait quite a while for my change of MYR1.00. I almost told her to keep the change when I couldn't wait any longer. I really had to leave already. Then suddenly, she decided to come back with my MYR1.00. I took the change and hurried off.

What do you think? Would I return to Jimmy's The Padi Cuisine & Cafe for the second time? I guess not. The view one can get while dining there may be good and very pleasant, but as a restaurant, the quality of food is always the most important. Every other thing is only secondary. And... I have to be honest with my reviews. If you're reading this Jimmy, so sorry. Good view, nice setting and a relaxed ambience don't always equate to excellent food and service.
Entrance leading to the corridor.
Where I sat.
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westwind57 says:
Good to share this before someone gets a salmonella infection :) The place is nice, but like you say, the service and the food is a different story... Maybe they still had to catch the chicken and then hurried too much in cooking it? :D
Posted on: Jun 08, 2012
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