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Jiaosi Overview

Situated on the Northeeast side of Yilan County. Jiaosi borders Taipei County by Shuehshan Mountain in the West and adjoins other towns of Yilan. The superior gerographic location Jiaosi's advantages with reagrd to transportation. Not only the path of the Provincil Highway R.9 but also the gateway to the famous hard work-Shuehshan Tunnel. Moreover, the rich agrichultureal products and hot spring resources creat an ideal environmnet for in habitation and leisure activities.

Jiaosi Hot spring are composed of carbon and slightly alkaline. At the temperature of about 50degree Celsius, th pring is clear and odor free, which is just right for bathing. It can smooth and soften the Skin and will not feel sticly afterwards. Jiaosi's Hot springs are ranked as one of the best springs in Taiwan.
Natural Trail:
*Wufongci Waterfall is three-tier waterfall. The amazing panorama at the origin of water definitely makes your long walk worthwhile.
*Linmei Shihpan Trail used to be the major transportation route for timber delivery decades ago. The arenga and ferm tress grow flourishingly along the train. There're Yuehmeiken Waterfalls, consisting of a number of falls and litte ponds illustrating the great fun of wild life.
*Paomo Historic Trail was fist built in Ching Dynasty. In those year, this trail was the major pathway which the early settlers relied upon to commute between Yilan and Taipei. The tacks provides a wide and open vista to overlook the beautiful views of Lanyan Plain.

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