Jet @ The Mirage

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3400 S. Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas, NV, USA

Jet @ The Mirage Las Vegas Reviews

tms183 tms183
3 reviews
LOVE THIS PLACE! Jun 17, 2011
Went here twice within 4 days! Atmosphere is insane and drink prices are pretty good as far as Vegas is concerned. For guys it's true what they say being that the more girls you have around you the easier it is to gain entry and score drinks.

My advice is to have a great open mind and be friendly to people as it wasn't uncommon for people to just approach you and have a conversation.

Passes are available but would recommend getting to this club before 11pm and having a few drinks before it gets crowded.
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mkarinaa mkarinaa
48 reviews
Jet Sep 13, 2009
Been to this club twice.

First time I had a blast, there was a group of us (guys and girls) and we got in quick, didn't have to wait in line. There were 2 rooms open the main one and an electronica one. I'm more of an electronica girl so I was in there dancing. It was great.

Second time, there were just 2 of us and we had to wait in line for like an hour it was horrible! Plus when we got in only the main room was open, considering that there are 3 rooms total. So that was kinda disappointing, plus the music was more rap then dance.

It was still fun but not nearly as much as the first time.
poohstanggt poohstan…
133 reviews
Club with Class Jul 12, 2008
Believe it or not, I had never really checked out the club scene when I lived here in Vegas so I told Melanie I wanted to hit a couple while I was in town this week. She suggested Jet as it's a popular and higher end club.

We were meeting fellow TB's there and Melanie had connections so the group of us were on the guest list. The entrance is literally right inside the door from the north valet which is super convenient.

Inside, the club has three different areas for dancing - the main bar and dance floor (complete with a stage and a couple of poles); and then two smaller rooms, one was more house/techno and the other more eclectic. The main room played more of a variety of hip hop, rock, and popular dance music. We were moving from room to room quite a bit but the house and main rooms were my favorites.

Many VIP sections available which were all pretty nicely laid out and all in use the night we were there. Their VIP sections can accomodate up to 150 people.

They are open Thurs - Sat & Mondays 10:30pm - 4am. Cover charge is normally $30 and I believe local ladies are free. Front of the line passes are $40 for women and $50 for men, unless you have a hook up for the guest list.

Jet stayed packed until we left at almost 4am and it was quite an attractive crowd. Pretty decent mix of people - age, sex, and ethnicities so pretty much something for everyone. I'd definitely come back - the only down side I saw is there is really no where to hang if you are not VIP where you can at least rest your feet if you happen to wear way too high of heels! Helpful tip to girls - bring flip flops in the purse! LOL
Main Bar
VIP section
Me, Mel, and Prissy ready to head …
Melanie, Prissy, and me
mellemel8 mellemel8
275 reviews
Well, just like any other club. you have to stand in lines for hours. you know better to know that.

Where did you have your last birthday party? A bar? A bowling alley? Your mom’s living room?

You know where Quentin Tarantino and Fergie had theirs? In Las Vegas. At Jet.

Which begs the question, if them, why not you?

Well, the fact that you probably didn’t direct hit movies or make everyone sing about their humps aside, there’s actually nothing standing between you and the same kind of night Mr. Pulp Fiction and Ms. Black Eyed Peas had. And that, in a nutshell, is the beauty of Jet.

Opening on New Year’s Eve 2006, with Kid Rock at the DJ booth and then “opening” again a couple weeks later for a celebrity grand opening, Jet arrived in Sin City and showed the town just what it’d been missing (and as it turns out, it was missing a lot).

An easy way to put it is that a night at Jet is the kind of night you could only have at Jet. To explain, a lot of the nightclubs kicking around town these days offer the same sort of amenities in the same sort of way – to the point that after a drink or two, maybe you might forget just which club you ended up at that night.

There’s no mistaking Jet. First off, there’s three clubs in Jet. Not literally, but the space houses three distinct rooms, each with its own vibe and music. That means you and your friend, the one you differ from on everything from women to music to whether or not he should wear the velour shirt (he shouldn’t) can be in the same club, both having a great time, but not necessarily sacrificing your tastes for his.

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