Jerusalem the Old City

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Jerusalem, Israel

Jerusalem the Old City Reviews

mdfehmel mdfehmel
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A Day Trip to Jeruslaem Apr 05, 2012
On a recent business trip to Israel, I had a couple days to kill. On the first day we ventured over to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv, which was only about an hour drive or so. This was very exciting to me for as a Christian, I had heard Bible stories my entire life centered around the Old City. Now to actually see it with my own eyes was quite the moving experience. Jerusalem is also of religious historical significance to the Hebrews and Muslims. There are local guides that solicit your business as soon as you step foot beyond the walls, but for the most part (and from what I've heard) they tend to be fairly honest and knowledgeable about the the various historical sights. We hired one and thought he did a good job for a fair price.
The brass plate is centered over t…
Church of the Sepulchre - Site of …
Roof tops of the Old City of Jerus…
Roof tops of the Old City of Jerus…
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irenem says:
I'd love to go here some day.
Posted on: Mar 19, 2017
pretty_girl says:
I was in Jerusalem just one day. Definitely will be back!
Posted on: Apr 06, 2012
dahling says:
Seems like an interesting city, especially because it combines all religions
Posted on: Apr 05, 2012
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camwilde camwilde
163 reviews
Jerusalem, An Old City of Many Cultures Oct 26, 2012
Being a religious person, I've read all about Jerusalem through the Bible and other texts. It has always been somewhere where I've wanted to go. So, while I was on a work trip, I took the opportunity to visit.

Jerusalem is not at all as I imagined. It has lots of really small streets and it is easy to get lost if you don't pay attention. There are religious sites all over.

The city is divided into 4 quarters: Christian, Muslim, Armenian, and Jewish. The Temple Mount is in the Muslim quarter, and due to a holiday, we were not able to go onto the grounds. We did see the Western Wall though and saw the devotion of the Jews.

We also went up onto the city walls. From this vantage point, you can see into the many homes that aren't visible from the streets. It costs a little extra, but was generally worth it.
Old City Walls in the Starry Night
View of Jerusalem from the Mount o…
Me at the Garden Tomb
Karren at the Garden Tomb, one of …
juicedue juicedue
1 reviews
Great video of the city's History Apr 28, 2012
See this wonderful video

A fly by the city, an interesting approach to Israel and how beautiful it is.

Highly recommended to any one who is thinking of coming over.

I recommend taking a few trips to the outskirts of the country - where you can enjoy 4 different climates in 550 KM length: The north - You've got a northern cool environment (snow in the winter);

The country's center - a Metropolitan with a lot of forest or soothing beaches.

The ceneter south - Jerusalem with it's old style and spirituality;

The south - the desert with it's shanty and inner truth.

Ask me more about Israel, and enjoy a great trip.
callsnap callsnap
7 reviews
Western Wall May 22, 2011
The Old City seemed one of the most culturally diverse locations in Jerusalem. Everyone sort of agrees to respect and tolerate everyone else here. One thing I noticed throughout Tel Aviv, is that neighborhoods were clearly segregated along religious lines. Muslims lived on this hill, Jews resided in another area, Christians in different neighborhood and Orthodox Jews carved to a separate place. So, I noticed immediately in Old City that everyone sort of converged in this one location that all the aforementioned faiths agreed were significant.

Not much to say about the wall itself aside from be respectful. You can demonstrate respect by being quiet, dressing conservatively and recognizing people truly are there to pray. Aside from that, you can see from the photo it's a gorgeous location. I did not take many photos or photograph individuals out of respect.
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ashersethill asherset…
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3 religions- one old city. May 12, 2011
As some 1 who grew up in Jerusalem I have a special place in my heart for the old city.

the old city in Jerusalem is a very holly site for Jews,Christians and Muslims. The history of the old city goes back thousands of years and much is preserved.

some people may look at it as the heart of the conflict in the mid-east. I look at it as home and urge as many people as possible to come and experience this amazing multi-cultured historical part of Jerusalem.

U will enjoy many historical sites and landmarks, colorful markets and some very interesting people.

Give me a shout if u want some good tips


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zoran79 zoran79
4 reviews
Strange feeling May 14, 2011
City has a special spirit maybe because of Christ, maybe because you can hear Orthodox,Catholic bells and strong voice from Minarets, but what i can says this town have something and that are the PEOPLE!
Nataxa69 Nataxa69
2 reviews
Worth every minute you spend there........ Mar 12, 2011
Amazing life experience in every narrow street of this city...... You feel Holy Land in every corner, every house, everything around you!!!
freelandi freelandi
2 reviews
Tel Aviv Israel Mar 07, 2011
After visiting Israel, my final review is that I would make this one of my vacation spots :-)))) Food is great, culture is great, night life is perfect!!! and sight seeing is AMAZING!!

Links to pics are found at:
sevencolor sevencol…
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Jerusalem, one of the must-see places of the world Nov 15, 2009
There are 4 quarters in Jerusalem. While walking in the Armenian, Christian and Jewish quarters, we noticed that the streets were so clean and shinny. However, when we get to the Muslim quarter, it was so dirty and laud in the streets and so crowded.

We couldn't get the reason of this situation. Was it a cultural thing or the politics of Israel? Still unknown with me.

While entering the Masjid Aqsa square, we were asked by an israeli soldier if we are muslim or not. This is also strange. A jewish asks your religion to let you in or not. It was friday, the holy day of muslims. Before entering the mosque, we were asked by an palastinian if we were Turks. I guess he got it through our accent.

At the end, it was really strange feeling to be there. One of the most attractive and holy places of the work under so strict security issues...

I really want to be there again soon... but this time I really don't want to be asked if I am muslim by a Jewish soldier.

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