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As the largest and brashest of Britain's channel islands, Jersey is home to cows, rugged rural landscapes and offshore savings schemes that have made ‘capital’ St Helier something of a mini, shiny, glass-clad financial centre. With nearly 50 miles of coasts to explore, and plenty of hidden coves, beaches and tranquil cliff sides tucked in amongst them, the island makes a trendy summer getaway.

The supply of beaches seems endless, and you’ll struggle to pick a favorite, with plenty of open stretches and craggy, cliff sheltered bays to choose from. Many islanders shout for Green Island, a wide-open expanse that traps the midday sun, while others opt for the inaccessible rocky bay of Anne Port. Alternatively, in amongst the modernity of sparkling St Helier, you’ll find opulent spas serving up pampering treatments, millionaire businessman fresh from a day cruising on their 40-foot yacht, and stunning contemporary restaurants overlooking the shimmering harbor, where you might be served king crab or succulent rock salmon.

Two dramatic castles protect Jersey’s coast: Elizabeth Castle, which occupies the entirety of a craggy St Helier islet; and Mont Orguiel Castle, a well preserved 13th century relic that towers over the town of Gorey. While both of these were built to guard against the French, the deep, winding Second World War Tunnels were built with the opposite in mind: defence against the British by the occupying Germans during World War II. If you prefer to delve further back than all three, the stony ‘La Hougue Bie’ burial mound’s tranquil architecture dates back more than five and a half centuries.

Adventurers will love jersey’s hot spots, which include a hefty round the island running race and the chance to sail away on colossal, multi-rigged tall ships into the deep blue. Fishing, rock climbing, diving and even flying lessons can be found too, as well as ‘aerial trekking’ along lengthy rope walkways and ‘blokarting’ along the beaches on a wind powered buggy.

An opulent offshore island of rock pools and five star hotels, homemade produce and Italian built supercars; Jersey is a fresh, fashionable, lovable corner of Britain.

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Saint Helier is the capital of the Channel island of Jersey. Population: 28,310
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