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Well,as a fellow who picked Jerez De La Frontera as my first destination for my solo travel, let me introduce the city from my view and give you a quick guide about what you can expect to see.

Jerez De La Frontera pronounced as: He-re-th Dey La Frunt-tey-rah, is a small city situated at Southern part of Spain in the province of Cadiz. As a city,it has a huge population and they are very lively and cheerful. It also has very relative number of student population as it houses one of the local Universities. As a result, there are a lot of student hostels and inns which you can find useful if you need a budget stay in the city. There are also five star hotels, as the city is considered a tourist attraction. Usually these hotels are relatively near to tourist sites.

It is also well connected with other small cities like Puerto Real and major cities like Madrid through Train and Bus services. A trip to Madrid on the train could take roughly 2 - 3hours. There are also plenty of taxis to get by locally. Jerez has very narrow and small roads almost everywhere. Occasionally,you will see a beautiful courtyard as the main junction. So be careful when you walk out. Always stick to the sidewalks.

The first thing you may notice when you get to Jerez is its beautiful hills as well as the countryside. It also has a cool and windy weather. Even in the afternoon when the sun is shining brightly, you won't really take a sweat. Because the weather is very comfortable and the warmth level is just right.

In terms of food and expense, as surprising as it may sound, generally it is very affordable and valuable for money. This also applies to other things which you may buy there during your time as well. While some maybe expensive, Jerez is a great and worthwhile city to invest your money upon. In my opinion, Jerez is not a biggie mega-tourist city like Madrid where most tourist conventionally go, missing out the more lively and natural Spaniard culture which is found in the more cheerful,hospitable and beautiful Southern part of Spain. Jerez is an example of that place where you will find Spaniard culture staying in your heart.

Oh I almost forgot. Spanish matters a lot in Spain. If you are plucking the petals of a flower thinking to-be or not-to-be a spanish speaker in Spain, please heed my words. English is not widely spoken there. It is always better to know a few basic spanish words to get by. So thats my guide. Hope it helps!

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