Jenolan Caves

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New South Wales, Australia

Jenolan Caves Reviews

paperboat paperboat
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Jenolan Caves-River Cave Dec 08, 2012
The River Cave was such a beauty. Went there last winter, and had a very good time. My tour guide, Keith, was very knowledgeable, giving us a very thorough guided tour. Initially my perception of a river running through a cave is one that creates a cold environment in the cave, but I was very wrong. It was actually quite warm in there and we had to remove our winter coats.

This cave requires some fitness, we climbed almost vertical ladders, ducked under low ceilings and were greeted with beautiful sights of the caves, made even more breathtaking with the clever use of lights in the water, as well as on the cave walls.
River Cave, so beautiful!
River Cave, I love this place.
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brittfindlay brittfin…
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Amazing cave experience! Apr 15, 2011
In the NSW Tourism Awards 2010, Jenolan Caves won gold, as the best tourist attraction in New South Wales, Australia!

I couldn't agree more.

Located in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales and is a national park (no animals allowed!) There is no longer a caravan park and the road is not forgiving. It is advised you leave your caravan in Lithgow, Hartley, Bathurst or Oberon and drive down to Jenolan.

The history surrounding the caves is rich. The Aboriginals were aware of the caves for many thousands of years and referred to them as "dark places". It is thought the first European to come acrossed them was a ex-convict who used it as a hideout!

There are 11 show caves within the mountain. I can copied this price list from


Plughole Adventure Tour $75.00

Aladdin Adventure Cave $80.00

Mammoth Adventure Cave $175.00

Central River Adventure Cave $200.00

It truly is something you must witness with your own eyes. Here is a bit about my experience.

We suited up in blue coveralls and a hardhat with a mining light attached. Our tour guides then explained what we were going to do and where briefly. Our group of about 8 then went to ebsail down the side of the cave into a crater like opening. It was a rush!

We then went into the depth of the caves. Crawling through spaces and getting dirty! We stopped at signifigant places and were told stories and shown markings of people from as early as 1883 sigining their names to the stones.

The entire tour took about an 1.5-2 hours.
Ebsailing into the cave
Crawling through a crevice
All smiles before the descend
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vagabond07 says:
sounds great!
Posted on: Apr 15, 2011
SteveRST SteveRST
3 reviews
Amazing caves and amazing scenery to get there! Mar 30, 2011
I'd recommend that you hire your own car or camper van, in order to get to the caves, as the views on the way are simply stunning! Some of the roads are very tight and twisty, with steep drops, so take it easy though! :)

The caves are very impressive, and you are sure to be amazed when you first arrive and drive right through a large cave in order to reach the visitors centre. I did one of the 2 hour guided cave trips, and it was really interesting and did take us deep into the heart of the mountain.

The price did seem expensive to me, as a backpacker, but in hindsight it was money well spent and I'd recommend it highly.
petit_gooroo petit_go…
69 reviews
My first Cave Experience! Nov 15, 2009
I had never been into caves before, and Jenolan Caves really seemed a must-see.

The route we took to get there was very nice! But at some point, we were wondering where we were going as the road had no asphalt anymore... Yeah the GPS was having fun with us, but it was still nice to see the magnificent countryside.

We arrived there a bit late so we avoided tour buses, great! I can't remember the name of the cave we visited (there are several guided tours for 10 caves if I remember well), we just took the next tour going and it was unbelievable.

They make light very beautiful, there is unexpected water and fluorescent rocks. And a real adventure sometimes because of the size!

The experience is awesome and I really recommend it. We had never heard of it when people were talking about a trip in Australia, it is an Australian friend who advised it to us. It is among the oldest caves of the world!

It can be done as a day trip from Sydney as it is only 175km away. I think it took us a bit less than 3 hours to go back to the city.
o_mendfornd o_mendfo…
45 reviews
Nov 16, 2007
Went to the Jenolan caves because we thought it looked moderately intersting. They're a set of limestone caves in the western Blue Mountains, with stalactites etc. Went into two of the caves; there are guided tours of the caves that run at different times of day, so we ended up with a random selection because we hadn't planned timings.

The second cave we went into was called the Temple of Baal, and was fantastic. The photos do not do it justice. I would strongly recommend going to see this cave in particular.

We had a car so it was easy for us to get there, but I think you can do bus trips as well. Not sure about true public transport.

The visits seemed moderately expensive (although at the time we were being shocked by the cost of everything, having just arrived in Australia after 8 months in Asia), but we inadvertantly negotiated a discount just by not being able to make our minds up; the tour was about to start and they hadn't filled all of the places!

They've got a website:
Temple of Baal. There's much more …
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